The Magalawa Island Weekend

My friends and I spent one May-June weekend in a Zambales island. It was a birthday celebration-slash-weekend getaway – just what everybody needs at that time. As always, everybody enjoyed the short but sweet vacation. I am fully aware today is already September, and here I am blogging about this experience back in June. Oh well, it’s better late than never. So, here it is, some snaps from Magalawa Island in Zambales. 🙂

The island. A view from the boat. Magalawa, here we come!

The island. A view from the boat. Magalawa, here we come!

Upon arrival, we checked in, ate some food to ease our hungry tummies, prepared the drinks, changed clothes for beach dipping and spent the entire morning (and some of the afternoon) on the beach. Ahhh, the feeling of freedom from work! Lol. By the way, Armada Resort (the resort where we stayed) also offers a camping experience with their tent area. I am not sure about their rates, but you can just search them over the internet to check. Just saying, I thought such experience would also be cool. But I had a dose of it already in Burot Beach, a month before this trip. So…

Strolling along the shore.

Strolling along the shore.

The i-don't-know-what-tree, but looks beautiful.

The i-don’t-know-what-tree, but looks beautiful.

First day afternoon dipping

First day morning to noon dipping.

...and chillin'

…And chillin’ out

At the beach with these ice cold bevs. Perfect!

At the beach with these ice cold bevs. Perfect!

Aside from the beach dippin’ and chillin’, some went snorkeling. I opted to stay on the floating station instead, hopefully to rest more and to take some photos for my friends. But brilliant as I am, I forgot to bring my camera with me, so you all know what happened next – no photos. Fail.

We went back to our room around 5 or 6 in the afternoon to prepare and change clothes for dinner. The motif for the evening, as requested by the birthday boy, was floral.  And we all gladly abide by the request. Pagbigyan, birthday! :)) And as always, I died that night once again. – Being a morning person, plus alcohol, equals a deadly night for me. Hahaha!

The after dinner drinks. Such a fun night. Lol.

The after dinner drinks. Such a fun night. Lol.

So the next day, we just enjoyed the remaining hours we have in the island. Same as the first day, swimming, napping, and more drinking on the beach. And MORE photo ops. Haha!

The morning after.

The morning after.

And more of the morning after. Lol

And more of the morning after. Lol

Same as to more chillin' out the morning after. Lol

Same as to more chillin’ out the morning after. Lol

And more photo ops for the birthday boy.

And more photo ops for the birthday boy.

Same as to more photo ops for me. lol

Same as to more photo ops for me. lol

This is the perfect life, until we left the island around 3 or 4 in the afternoon (if my memory serves me right haha). Well, there’s always a next time for these kind of things. – Just like the other trip I did back in August (which I’ll be blogging the next time). After all, they say a good work-life balance is best for everyone. Alright, that’s it for now, ’til the next photo blog. 🙂

Summer Opener in Zambales

A few weeks ago, my friends and I went for some beach-lovin’ experience outside the metro. And before this month ends, let me share you our Zambales summer-opener experience. Here are some of the snaps.

Heading out to Nagsasa cove early in the morning with clear waters.

Heading out to Nagsasa cove early in the morning with clear waters.


The calm water reflects a mirror like image of the “katig”


Zambales rocks and mountains



Zambales buddies during the boat ride

Zambales buddies during the boat ride


Time to eat!

Time to eat! Grilled pork


Time to eat! Grilled fish

At the "lunch table" lol

At the “lunch table” lol

The mandatory jump shot :)

The mandatory jump shot 🙂

The mandatory group shot lololol

The mandatory group shot lololol

Going back to the mainland as the sun sets

Going back to the mainland as the sun sets

The next morning at Pundaquit, Zambales

The next morning at Pundaquit, Zambales – Where you can experience a washing machine-like current. Yea!


Mango Camp, Zambales

A couple of lies and adventure. That’s what last weekend was about.

Palma Hall. Meeting place in UPD

I went to Cabangan, Zambales and spent quality time with my friends, myself, and some of my friend’s students. Yes, I joined my friend’s class field trip in Mango Camp.

Mango Camp (Cabangan, Zambales)

The whole trip was fun. Basically, most of the activities on the trip was something fresh to me. I tried riding an ATV, obstacle run, airsoft target shooting, and (believe it or not) sumo wrestling. We planned to try wall climbing and paint ball, however we were so drunk the first night we were not able to wake up early. Bummer.



Obstacle course



The beach

After doing the camp activities the first day, My friends and I were able to spend little time by the beach the second day. It feels liberating. Yes, I am using the word liberating because I can’t think of any other word to describe how happy and free I felt with the waves, sea, sun, and sand. That moment gave me happiness that lasted a while. Nice.

Going home

I really hope to go out again soon. Somehow, it’s making me forget how hard some things are going on for me. Hopefully, I’ll be going to another beautiful place two weeks from now. Cross fingers!

Pot-Pot Potipot Island

Potipot Island

Last week, we had our company Christmas outing. Yes, you read it right. Our company does the going-to-the-beach-thing every December, and not during March or April. Though it’s definitely too late for summer, we always make a way to enjoy the year with a trip to a beach. This time, our destination is Potipot Island in the province of Zambales, Philippines.

I must say that this is the most challenging outing I’ve been through so far. Why? Because I traveled going there alone due to a conflict on my schedule. The trip is long but easy; All I did was to ride a bus going to the town of Sta. Cruz, Zambales, and asked the driver to drop me off at Trinidad Resort (We did not stayed there, we stayed at the nearby resort Alta Nina which is a lot cheaper).

Upon arriving at the resort, I did not saw any trace of white sand. In fact, the sand is brownish, almost black. However, not far from the island we are staying is a beautiful island called Potipot. You ask how far from the resort that island is? It’s only a 10-minute boat ride.

The island is small but marvelous. It’s all nature and the water is very calm and clear. We haven’t even noticed how many times we said “Ang ganda-ganda!” (It’s so beautiful!) by the time we reached the island. We took some photos, shared some stories under the trees, played games and strolled around the island. We were able to go around the island in less than an hour, maybe even less than 30 minutes.

We spend an entire day in Potipot Island. The afternoon came, and we did not notice the time. The next thing we know, our boat ride is already approaching our way to fetch us. Dang! Fine, it’s time to go back to the “mainland” and continue the fun there.

Overall, the experience was fun and worthwhile. During that time, I felt that this moment was such a great time to enjoy and distract myself from a lot of things bothering me at the moment. Hopefully, the fun never stops here this Christmas season. I am still waiting to have my Christmas gift from Santa. He knows about it, and I wish he will be generous enough to make me have it.

Let’s all enjoy the Christmas!