The Google Office

It’s been quite a while since I last posted something here on my blog. With that, let me just share to all of you one of my greatest frustrations in life.

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be an engineer, Computer Engineer to be exact. Electrical circuits, technology, and computers never fails to excite me when I was a kid. However, there was a sudden change of circumstance when I reached College – I took Communication as a degree.

During the time when I was still lost in my life plans, I told myself that maybe I was destined to take this new path. And so I accepted the reality. I also thought that maybe there will still be a slightest hint of chance for me to work on this AMAZING workplace – in the Google office. You know, Just maybe.

I know you love to be in there too. Well, let’s hope to see each other there in time… Hopefully.

Ideal world of the good and the bad

At one point, I asked myself why not-so-good things happen to a not-so-bad person. There are other people who deserve more of a punishment than the good ones – by that, I mean good compared to a snatcher, burglar, arsonist, murderer, and so on… Don’t the good people deserve a better life here on earth that the bad guys?

People say that good people will have a better life in their next life. May it be a life after they are reincarnated or life after death – when they are already in heaven. But does that mean they don’t have a chance to live a better life while they are still here on earth?

I am completely aware that being perfectly good is far reachable as we live life here on earth, wherein temptations are everywhere and sins are very much reachable. But I hope punishment depends on how better a person you are. I know that I am talking impossible here, because life don’t take sides, and it has been working that way for a long time already – as in ever since the concept of good and bad existed. I just wish life works the way I imagine it. If that will happen, people who violate rules, laws, ordinances, constitutions and commit a crime will have no way escaping the consequences, since we will have natural laws anyway.

On the side, as I am imagining my perfect world of good and bad, I sketched something. I love monsters. But I like them being portrayed the same way as people – some are good and some are bad. I like to believe that not all monsters are bad. Some of them are good and some have great heart. Here it is.

Let’s try to live life the fullest!