UP Baguio

Baguio City 2011

Lower Session Road

Two weeks ago, I went to a place I call home. This is the place where all started, and a place where I found my real self. Welcome back to Baguio City, Philippines.

Lantern Preps

School Party Fireworks

During my trip to the city, I visited some place that were very memorable to me. It’s nice to look back on good memories, but after all you will feel the emptiness of the places. Whatever it is, with my friends being there, I enjoyed my short vacation in Baguio. Let me share some snaps and the great places I visited.

Zola Restaurant. Place of good food and drinks

Chillin' at Volante. Coffee, Pasta and Pizza

Volante Lights

KaffeeKlatsch. More coffee! Plus great acoustic music.

KaffeeKlatsch Lights

The amazing acoustic band.

Christmas spirit at Klatsch