Times Square

2011 NYC ball drop

As what I’ve mentioned the last time, I am now posting something about the Times Square 2011 ball drop (since I still can’t get enough the New Year celebration).

Every year, I’ve been watching the Times Square new year ball drop, simply because of my love for the city. I’ve never been there, but I so love to be there. Sure a lot of people already told me that NYC is a very busy and chaotic city. But for me, to be on that city during a New Year’s eve is always a dream.

I started watching the ball drop since I was in High school. Then, I’ve started watching TV series involving the city like CSI: NY; from time to time, Gossip Girl, etc. Then I realized that I am already so into the city that I made a promise to myself that I will be there on a New Year’s eve… Even just once in my life. Of course, this did not happen this year, but hopefully will happen soon.

If there would be one thing I really want to happen in my life, my answer would be this thing. To be in NYC to celebrate a NYE.

Of course, before that will happen… I need to find a better paying job. Yea!

Big apple’s giant ball

It’s the season to bid goodbye to another year, this time: 2009. That means, I will envy again those who have been to and will be in New York Times Square. It’s always been my dream to celebrate a New Year’s Eve there, even just once.

I wonder when will that day come.

I just thought about it, as I come across this video of last year’s party. It made me feel happy for a couple of minutes…and thought about how many years I need to count first, and also will miss.

Here it goes…

How I wish I am not alone in this world who also wishes to join these guys.

Anyhow, enjoy the party tonight (for Asia and Australia 🙂 ) everybody!