Randy Jackson

American Idol Season 10

American Idol is back, and doing a great job (so far) on its season 10.

Out of the original three judges, Randy Jackson remained to be the last one standing. He’s now joined by two interesting personalities in music and entertainment – One rock star legend, and one very beautiful and talented singer/actress. By the way, I love how the season premiere episode started. It’s all cool.

So here’s what I think of AI’s season premiere: Without Simon Cowell, definitely it’s a different kind of judges’ table – sarcasm and blatant comments, most probably, will not be seen much this season. However, Steve Tyler is there, and he surprised me like hell. It would definitely a different kind of season this time.

It didn’t even cross my mind that Steven Tyler will be this good. When the news broke out that Steven Tyler will be a part of AI’s set of judges, I haven’t felt any excitement at all. But when I watched the season premiere last night, I swear I was laughing my head off with his funny antics and his classic rock star attitude. I am really looking forward for more of this as the show continues.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez remains beautiful than ever. She stays to be the sweet and gentle person during the Idol auditions. Her presence reminded me of Paula Abdul’s judging attitude – having a hard time in saying “no” to the contestants, giving advises, highlighting other positive things of the participants whenever the participant’s voice sucks (LOL), and is not into harsh comments. Though her judging style is not really “unique,” J.Lo will always be a J.Lo from the Bronx who is definitely a talented and gorgeous woman. After all, her achievements are not a joke and she knows a lot in the world of entertainment.

Randy, my dawg, remains to be the same Randy. It’s good he decided to stay in the show. He is the expert on the judging and finding a real talent. He is the perfect man to do that for AI. After all, he is known as one of the top music/talent producer. Let’s keep it coming, dawg!

There. I think what Idol needs now to complete and pull-off a successful season is to find a very good set of talent. I guess that will be the deciding point of all the American Idol fans. Of course, who would watch a reality show with not-so-good participants? What’s the point, right? I really hope this season will turn out good. And so far, American Idol, you are doing a good job. Keep it up!