Talipanan, Puerto Galera

While my Mario Maurer blog entry continues to bring more online viewers, I decided to spend my last summer days with my former officemates in Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Philippines!

It may not be a sunny vacation on the beach, but I am still thankful to have an enjoying trip with these folks. We did a lot of crazy and stupid stuff, and completely lost ourselves for two days. For me, the experience was a very supreme form of freedom. Haha!

Our vacation in Talipanan was not much of a party vacation – It’s more of relaxation and unwinding. We played games, talked a lot of fun stuff, gossiped a lot of people, and we even gave names to some body parts –  specially the body part which is composed of pairs or twins (got a good idea now?) LOL! Here are some of the snaps I took during the trip. Hope you’ll like it!

Shores of Talipanan, Puerto Galera


London, the swimming dog


Talipanan rocks


Another snap of Talipanan rocks


That's me, bumming around


The group in Talipanan, Puerto Galera

Last Usual Weekend (Dang!)

I made my last regular weekend extra special. I went out with my folks for some drinks and stories. Got a few snaps last night, and this one is my favorite.

I’ll really miss this weekend night-outs. For the coming weekends of April, as everyone is having a rest day, I will be working. Dang!

One word (or is it?): Ktnxbye.

My Earth Hour Activity

As we all know, last night was Earth Hour. For those who are not aware of it, it’s an event when we remind ourselves to save energy (to make a difference in saving mother earth), by switching off our lights for 1 hour. I am not sure when this thing started, but it happens every year. This is my first time to participate on this activity.

Since the lights are off, I decided to do some sort of experiment (or “self-absorbed activity” if you wanna call it that. Haha!) during the “switch-off hour.” I took some photos of my room and myself with the lights switched off. So the only source of light in these photos is the built in camera flash. Of course, with some help of Adobe Photoshop, the photos looked better. Let me share some snaps with you.

Alright! That’s it folks. Thank you for all those who joined the Earth Hour. Of course, this cause can also be done whenever and wherever. The more we practice energy conservation, the better. For those who were not able to participate this year, don’t worry, maybe you could join next year.

Let’s all give Mother Earth a helping hand.

A Nuptial and a Semi-reunion

What’s up for me? Last weekend, my friends and I went on a wedding. It’s a wedding of our house-mate & college friend. It was a simple and enjoying occasion – everybody is happy. It was also a great chance for us, college friends, to meet after months of not seeing each other personally.

Everything is going on perfectly, except of my camera. I am completely sure that I charged the battery the day before, but still it ran out after 20 shots (how amazing). Anyway, let me share some of my snaps that day, and I hope y’all like it.

The bride and groom, and a good friend (middle)

The Church

Wedding photo ops

That's us! And a friend (taking picture) 🙂

Intramuros Experience

My friends and I went to Intramuros yesterday, to get our dose of Philippine History. Well…We really intend to ride the ferry in Pasig River, but it is under assessment at the moment and we we’re not able to experience it. Epic fail.

Good thing, we made other plans like going to the “Walled City” (Intramuros), and dining out for dinner later in the day. Anyway, I would just want to share some snaps from our yesterday’s foot-tiring, but fun adventure. Yes, we did it only by foot.


Manila CBD from Walled City


Intramuros architecture


DOLE building


Manila Cathedral


Me taking photos (c/o my friend, Patricia)


Manila Post Office (c/o Patricia)


No ferry. Epic fail.

Alright. That’s it. Hopefully, the next time we will plan to go Manila, we will be able to get on a ferry. Just for experience.

Persian Grill and Cafe Breton

My friends and I got a taste of Persian and French last night. I am talking about food.

To cap it all, the food is a blast. Flavorful dishes and desserts, plus a good resto ambiance. Smells like a sweet date night with friends. Here, allow me to share some snaps of last night’s adventure.

Sizzling ox brain. Anyone?

Chicken and beef kebab

Persian lights. Maybe?

Caramel coffee legoise

All-time favorite crepe

Alright. If you want to visit and have a bit of these food, everything is located in SM North Edsa and TriNoma in Quezon City, Philippines.

Pot-Pot Potipot Island

Potipot Island

Last week, we had our company Christmas outing. Yes, you read it right. Our company does the going-to-the-beach-thing every December, and not during March or April. Though it’s definitely too late for summer, we always make a way to enjoy the year with a trip to a beach. This time, our destination is Potipot Island in the province of Zambales, Philippines.

I must say that this is the most challenging outing I’ve been through so far. Why? Because I traveled going there alone due to a conflict on my schedule. The trip is long but easy; All I did was to ride a bus going to the town of Sta. Cruz, Zambales, and asked the driver to drop me off at Trinidad Resort (We did not stayed there, we stayed at the nearby resort Alta Nina which is a lot cheaper).

Upon arriving at the resort, I did not saw any trace of white sand. In fact, the sand is brownish, almost black. However, not far from the island we are staying is a beautiful island called Potipot. You ask how far from the resort that island is? It’s only a 10-minute boat ride.

The island is small but marvelous. It’s all nature and the water is very calm and clear. We haven’t even noticed how many times we said “Ang ganda-ganda!” (It’s so beautiful!) by the time we reached the island. We took some photos, shared some stories under the trees, played games and strolled around the island. We were able to go around the island in less than an hour, maybe even less than 30 minutes.

We spend an entire day in Potipot Island. The afternoon came, and we did not notice the time. The next thing we know, our boat ride is already approaching our way to fetch us. Dang! Fine, it’s time to go back to the “mainland” and continue the fun there.

Overall, the experience was fun and worthwhile. During that time, I felt that this moment was such a great time to enjoy and distract myself from a lot of things bothering me at the moment. Hopefully, the fun never stops here this Christmas season. I am still waiting to have my Christmas gift from Santa. He knows about it, and I wish he will be generous enough to make me have it.

Let’s all enjoy the Christmas!

Nat Geo Photo Contest

Alright, so I joined this photo contest by National Geographic Channel Asia. At first I am kind of hesitant to join because obviously, there are other better photos than mine. And for more, the challenge is to have the highest “likes” in Facebook and here I am, joining half-way before the deadline of submission.

I am enjoying the competition, though. And not to mention, I am very thankful for those people who liked my works already. Now, if you also want to give me a helping hand here (Haha! Fine, this is some sort of advertisement), Just follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click here to like Nat Geo’s Facebook page (I swear a lot of good entries are up).

Step 2: Go to this two links and “like” them (of course if you like them also). 🙂 Here are the preview of my photos.

Click here to “like” my first photo.

Photo 1 of 2: Adelente Manila!

Click here to “like” my second photo.

Photo 2 of 2: City Streak

There you go! I hope you get to like my photos too. The last day to “like” will be on November 30, so please keep the “likes” coming. Please support me on my first time to join a photo contest. Yeah!

You can also repost or link this blog entry to your social networks if you feel like doing so. C’mon, For The Win guys! 🙂 Thank you in advance for those who will support me.

The Walled City

Another long weekend means another trip to somewhere I don’t usually go to. My sister and I are in a cost-cutting situation, so we decided to go somewhere near like Intramuros, Manila.

Intramuros is also known as The Walled City. This place served as the seat of Spanish colonial rule in the East. It was also the center of commerce, education, government and religion four centuries ago.

Republic Act 597 (1951) declared Fort Santiago as a national shrine, and Intramuros as a historical monument. The law required the use of Spanish architectural designs for constructions in the city (Source: http://www.intramuros.phofficial website of Intramuros).

Here are some snaps we took from our short trip to the historical site.

Main entrance of The Walled City


The Fort Santiago Façade.


Closer look on Fort Santiago's intricate Façade made of wood and stone


No this is not Cinderella's service. Kalesa was the common transportation during the Spanish occupation.


A SFO-like cart in Intramuros.


Lastly, a photo of my sister enjoying the trip (though she admitted later on that this whole thing is tiring).

There are actually a lot of other places to visit in Intramuros. We just got tired, so we decided to take make use of the rest of our energy on a nearby mall.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

The night of colorful tsismis

After so many months of not seeing my High school friends, finally I was able to dine with them yesterday.

The dinner lasted for so many hours, and it was fun – a lot of catching up, loud voices (with loud topics also), and laughter. Spell FUN.

The place was also cool. We went to the newly-constructed Centris along EDSA, corner Quezon Avenue, and it was…colorful. Got some photos by yours truly, and just want to share ’em here. Sorry, I can’t share most of the dining experience because we talked about a lot of local showbiz gossips A.K.A. tsismis. Ha!  – Reason why our night went extraordinary.