Five. Just five. Playlist.

When you are living in Manila, and you take the train everyday to get to office, school, or wherever you need to be, you must be experiencing semi-hell. My savior everyday: My playlist.

I feel that I need to thank my player in saving my everyday life with all the songs, so here I am, I am dedicating a post about my favorite music player and the top five songs I am into at the moment. Again, MP3 player, THANK YOU!

Come Home – One republic

I love this song whenever I am on transit after a day’s work. I guess I like it because the melody and the lyrics fit the moment. Or maybe it’s just me? Anyway, bottom line is I am also a OneRepublic fan, and this is one of my favorite songs.

The Man Who Can’t be Moved – The Script

I just simply love the lyrics of this song. I remember the first time I heard this song, I went: “Wow. That was, well… love.” I know it’s cheesy. But the feelings involved in the song were just properly and appropriately expressed. And not to mention, the song arrangement is a killer.

Hey Soul Sister – Train

Basically I like the band back when they still play songs like Drops of Jupiter. Now I even like the more, with this song. I admit that they are one of the few good bands who were able to survive “re-packaging” of songs, or whatever you want to call it. Let’s admit that their tune is far different from their older albums; their current album is more upbeat and fun than the previous ones. It’s definitely a feel good music.

Only Exception – Paramore

I am not really a big fan of Paramore, but I definitely don’t hate them. They are one of the few bands I sort of “passively like”, and not like, LIKE. It’s just I like them, but not really like big time – Just “cool like” (If you get what I mean, whatever). Okay enough of this. Anyway, this is my favorite song of Paramore so far. I love the words, thoughts and the music.

Marry You – Bruno Mars

Who doesn’t want Bruno Mars? Among all the songs I mentioned on this post, this song is my big time favorite. Basically because it’s new, it has a happy beat, and I really can’t stop myself singing, swaying my head, and tapping my feet whenever I am hearing this song (Yes, at times I look weird).

There you go – my favorite songs on my Music player. That’s it.

Wait! I apologize for the title of tis post. Obviously, I can’t find any interesting title. Sorry 🙂

Paramore Live in Manila

My head is aching… And my heart is happy (fine, I  have a sooo corny intro).

I already got home at around 1AM today, and I still have to wake up at 5AM (I need to go to work). I know that sucks – but I enjoyed staying up late, anyway. Paramore live in Manila is sweet.

I am not a big fan, but I love most of their music. I enjoy listening to the wild sound of their electric guitars, banging drums, and  of course Hayley’s amazing vocals. It is cool that they are good at pumping up the crowd, though you will notice that not all who went there are real fans. Not real fans, in the sense that they are just there, standing, just nodding their heads with the beat, and not really singing the band’s songs – I mean, throughout the whole show. And yes, I am eyeing and observing some people during a concert, weird me.

I find the show generally enjoying. Aside from the stunts (which we could always expect from a rock band), I appreciate that they are really trying to connect with the Filipino crowd. Like saying that they want to be back here in Manila sooner, and that they are amazed on the number of McDonald’s tents on the concern grounds (take note: they are very happy on that fact), and that they appreciate the warm welcome of the Filipino fans to them.

I am also happy with their performance, song choices, and hey… Hayley can definitely sing live very well. But I have my own favorite part of the show, and it comes in two fold.

First, I liked it when they sang their first-ever slow song (that is released) – Only Exception. It’s like the whole crowd is singing with them, and you can hear everybody is with them and loving the song. It is really amazing and heart-warming experience, I swear. Until now I am having goose-bumps.

Secondly, I loved it when they got a chance to thank their road manager (I think, I am not sure, sorry. heehee) for being with them and making their lives organized every time they are having a tour. Apparently, Philippines is their last stop for their current album tour and before going back to States. Maybe they find this a perfect time to show appreciation to their manager.

There you go. Just sharing some cool things that happened last night in the Paramore concert, held in SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

PS: Will try to post some vids and pics soon heehee!