New Year

New Year’s Eve, Welcome 2012

2011 already left, and it’s time to say hello to 2012 (when’s the end-of-the-world thing anyway?).

Last night was celebarted with stupid looks, food, cocktails and few fireworks. It may be my saddest day ever, but yeah, I still managed to take some snaps. Taking pictures = defense mechanism. Here, let me share some snaps. Enjoy!

My favorite pet and me.

Home-made Paella (c/o my mom)


Still part of the year end celeb.

More lights

And another light


Margaritas! Chugged a lot of cocktails.

Street Fireworks

The fountain

It's the start of the new year!

More fireworks

Welcome 2012!

Hello 2011!

It’s a start of a new year once again, an I hope everyone greeted the year 2011 with a blast!

Last night, New Year’s eve, was a great night. Though I did not stayed too late compared to other new year’s eve I’ve had, I still enjoyed the warm company of my family, the good food, and of course the bright lights of the fireworks!

This post will serve as a living proof of my gratitude to all my rich neighbors who were able to afford all the cool fireworks. Guys, thank you! I enjoyed your fireworks a lot (Haha!).

Next stop! I am currently watching the New York City New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square (in TV only, can’t afford to go there yet). This has been a part of my yearly New Year activity. Will post it next time 🙂

Big apple’s giant ball

It’s the season to bid goodbye to another year, this time: 2009. That means, I will envy again those who have been to and will be in New York Times Square. It’s always been my dream to celebrate a New Year’s Eve there, even just once.

I wonder when will that day come.

I just thought about it, as I come across this video of last year’s party. It made me feel happy for a couple of minutes…and thought about how many years I need to count first, and also will miss.

Here it goes…

How I wish I am not alone in this world who also wishes to join these guys.

Anyhow, enjoy the party tonight (for Asia and Australia 🙂 ) everybody!