Need You Now

Realizing in Just A Kiss

Alright. So I am thinking of posting something random today – Like… posting my favorite song these past few days. I’ve heard this song quite long ago, but it didn’t took my senses, until earlier (yes, earlier meaning during my travel going home). Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum is just an epic song for those who are in a deep coma on a disease called love. I am not saying I belong to that group, I am definitely not. But I find it just EPIC.

Going back to my going home┬árealization earlier, I tried to absorb the lyrics of the song very well. Sure enough, upon understanding ┬áthe lyrics of the song, I realized that it’s not a typical mushy song for happy couple. I am not sure if it’s the depth of the melody and the tune that made the song more capturing, but it really made me feel I am loving someone, even if I don’t have anyone to love romantically. You know what I mean? Yeah right, whatever.

Maybe I am just being too sentimental and all, but yeah there it is. I am just sharing some realizations and insights on Lady Antebellum’s new single. I also loved their other single, Need You Now. It’s just a hit to me so I am sharing it with you now. Enjoy!