Lady Gaga Ballers

I promised my sister to make a special blog entry to plug her small business. She has an online shop which caters bands’, groups’, stars’ memorabilia and items. It’s called Shinjukulove online shop.

The latest item she sells right now is the Lady Gaga ballers. For all the little monsters out there, I know you’ll like it.

Here’s how to buy and get these cool ballers.

You can send your order forms now at:
Also, add the Shinjukulove’s FB page now at
For those who wishes to get more ballers, there’s a promo going on : Buy 2 for 180 pesos!

That’s all folks! Really appreciate your support on this, Little Monsters. Paws up!

Little Monster in Me

Earlier today, I’ve come across an article on a newspaper about a baller ID and Lady Gaga. The band says “We pray for Japan” with the monster paw signature of Gaga. These wristbands are made to raise funds for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As I finished reading the article, I realized something that made me feel proud as Gaga’s Little Monster.

Obviously, I am a fan of Lady Gaga. I might not be the biggest fan of her, but I am always a fan. I am sure a lot of Little Monsters out there will be claiming that they are Gaga’s #1 fan – Don’t worry, I won’t argue with that for a couple of reasons.

I don’t have her posters, and her complete album. I am even having a hard time remembering her real name and birthday. I haven’t even saw her perform while she’s here in the Philippines because I am out of  the country for a business trip. But behind all these, I can say I am a fan because I appreciate almost everything she does – That’s what a “fan” is for me.

Lady Gaga is more than a music icon and an artist, she is also a great advocate for everyone who needs to have a voice. The best thing I love about her is her attitude towards those people bashing her non-stop. I like how she ignores all the bad vibes and continue to live life happily and keep herself inspired with the support of her fans. I know how superhero-ish this thing might sound, but hey, read the articles and news about her and see how most of it translates to what I’m saying above.

So by this time you might be wondering what the hell are you reading. To answer your question, yes this is plainly a blog entry describing how I love Lady Gaga – not only her image being an artist, but also as a socially-concerned advocate. I like her the way she is now, and I really hope more people will realize that – more than seeing her as another gay icon, or someone who has weird fashion statement.

Monster Ball (really)

I’ve been busy the past few days, and so I was able to finish this post just today. It’s been a while since I last did this, so… Again, it’s a Monster Post! Yey!

Actually, I am thinking of collating all my monster post for one category. So it’ll be easier for me and the viewers (if there is 🙂 ) to look and scan my monster doodles. Anyway, that aside… Let me introduce you to my new friend.

As usual, I don’t name my monsters. This monster though has one favorite hobby – basketball. This monster loves sports, and well… colorful things. This monster might not be born in the 80s, but the funk definitely shows on its style.

That’s all! hope you like my new monster friend.

‘Till next time folks! Happy day, everyone!

Angel-ish Monster

Just when I realized I have nothing much to do in the office today, I created another monster friend here. My new friend monster is inspired by the Robbie Williams’ song, Angels. It is not how I picture angels’ faces though, I just want this next monster to be some sort of angel-ish (whatever that means).

Meet and greet time!

Slob of Monster

Yes, you read it right – Slob-of-monster, not chops, beef or meat. It is a monster.

I got a new monster friend, and it is round, meat-y, and healthy. You can’t eat it though, because you just can’t (Fine, I don’t know why not).  It is not cool as Edward Cullen or Justin Bieber, but way too cool to be your friend monster.

I know, this is the lamest write-up among all my monsters.

Monster fellas

Just today, I got myself another set of monsters to accompany me during my dull moments. They are the latest addition on my monster addiction. And as usual, I am featuring them here on my blog again.

Aside from giving them the opportunity to be introduced on a separate blog entry, I also got them on my page as my background.  I don’t usually name my monsters, and I chose not to name them at all for no specific reason (have yourselves the freedom to give them their names if you want to). Here are my latest monsters, and say “Hi” to them.

fluffy monsters

Hug the monster

I don’t feel like going to details on this. I just feel like sketching it.

I am not really getting into something sad or whatever. But I just feel like a HUG is a powerful “healing tool”. It’s like when you get one of it (of course, it should be from someone you know), it somehow gives you an assurance that you are not alone. I wish every hardship in life comes with a free hug – with that, at least you have a consolation prize.

Anyway, this is just some of my random thoughts.

I missed this posting thing. I am working on a lot of things right now.  I know, it sucks.

But i hope you enjoy, folks!

Waiting Monster

Last Thursday I got bored… So the result is monstrous.

I love drawing monsters. They make me feel good because I feel I am letting out the “evil” in me. I am not actually an evil like: EVIL (well, at least not all the time). I even don’t get mad easily, moreover not a revengeful person. But not to be boastful, truth is a lot of people describes me as a patient person – but NOT in waiting.

Since I am waiting for something as I drew a sketch, I felt evilness…Then the result is this.

I don’t have a prophetical mind, please let me clear that up – Not even close to a terrorist. So it means, this sketch has NO meaning at all.

This entry has no point. Believe me. So I’ll just shut my mouth (or fingers on this case) right here.

Enjoy the rest of the day, guys!