Timbaland. JT. Jojo//

I know this is way too late. It’s been uhm… I don’t know how late this post is.

Anyway, I attended Timbaland’s Shockwave Tour Concert at MOA Concert Grounds, Manila last March 27 (see how late it is?). Let me say I had a blast on that show.

Timbaland’s dance moves and antiques are funny and enjoying enough to make the crowd go wow. Of course, celebrities attending the party are also a plus factor to the fun. It is funny how the girls reacted every time Derek Ramsey’s face is being shown on the screen. I thought: Is this Derek’s show or what? But can’t blame ‘em –That actor has a lot of things to say. Alright, moving on…

Let me get on the best part of the show straight, and now. It was the last production –-it was the mix of all the hits. Thank God, he spared me to remember 1 song out of all the…well, hits. JT and Timbaland on the stage performing Sexy Back topped it with i-don’t-know-how-long fireworks. It was the best ending for a show.

Here are some of the photos. Sorry, I just borrowed dad’s camera. I am a failure in learning the basics on its pre-sets.