MNL 143

A month back, I was lucky to be able to watch a promising film on a rainy evening. I didn’t mind about the distance I traveled from my place going to Bonifacio High Street in Taguig (which is about over an hour to reach from our place), because I really enjoyed watching the film. MNL 143 made a small and meaningful place in my heart.

Spontaneity – that’s what I loved most about the film. Every character in the movie managed to contribute to the rawness and balance of the film. Sad, serious, funny, real – such a great set of characters who, throughout the course of the movie, successfully established Ramil’s character and his issue. Everything is real, especially the characters’ issues. It’s just genius.

Did I, in some ways, able to relate to the movie? No and yes. No, because I am not a driver by profession, and yes because of everything else seems a little similar to what I feel.

Just like Ramil, I worked on my career day and night to get through the day or to a supposed to be “future with someone”. Then everything gets mixed up, the feeling of losing someone you truly valued in your life was also there. At the middle of the day, you just stop and stare, cry for some random memories you want to get off from your mind because hope is a virtue that’s not really on your side at the moment. And a lot more, maybe, soon.

I’ve watched a number of films the past 2 months up to this point. Films that could make me think, or at times could make me sad, or could help me face reality. The life of living alone, that’s what I’m preparing for. If there’s something I learned from this part of my life, it’s that nothing is permanent. Future can be as blurry as your expectations, and trust is something you don’t want to give fully to someone no matter how good they are to you. Because at the end, you could really die without having to save some for yourself.

Born This Way Ball (Manila, Philippines)

The house of Lady Gaga’s Born Ths Way Ball Tour

For a few hours last night, I felt like a high schooler screaming my lungs out, jumping like there’s no tomorrow, and fist pumping like hell.

That’s how I love Lady Gaga. Yes, Lady Gaga.

I may not look like much of her fan, but man you don’t know how a deal breaker she is for me. I love her songs, how she speaks her mind out, how she loves her fans, and yeah maybe her fashion too (like how she deviates the norms, stuff like that).

Purchased the first day of ticket sale. Spell “FAN”

Daddy & Nebraska & Jesus Christ & Hello Kitty

I went to last night show with my sister and Hello Kitty. Only just to have a Gaga inspired fashion. Thanks to my sister by the way, for the Gaga shirt.

Last night’s show was really awesome. She’s really a great performer. I love all the songs she sang, and how she performed it. Gaga’s belting on her songs was crazy! Whether she’s crawling, lying, sitting, standing – whatever position she’s doing, her voice is superb.

The stage was unbelievable too. At first I thought it was small, but when Lady Gaga came out and started doing her thing, I guess the stage size was just perfect for the show. The castle on the stage, the costumes, the dancers were all going well together. Everything’s cool.

I always love how Gaga appreciates and thanks her fans (aka her Little Monsters). Maybe that’s why may favorite part of the show was when she rode her motorcycle, played her piano, and sang Hair. I almost cried the same time she started crying and explaining how she was affected with all the protests, how she admitted that she is sometimes irresponsible on her actions, and how she just want everyone to come together, stop bullying, and do good to each other, and be free. I know she also cried in Tokyo ball, but man I just felt her emotions. Oh, how I love her (that’s not quite obvious from the start of this blog entry, right? Lol). By the way, Gaga singing Judas = Bad ass moment.


Gaga Merch at the BTW Ball tour

Anyway, generally the show was awesome. I hope the second show tonight will be as  crazy as last night or even crazier! Last night was one of the best days ever in my life. Gee, I’m such a fan. I know.

More love to everyone. Paws up, Little Monsters!

New Year’s Eve, Welcome 2012

2011 already left, and it’s time to say hello to 2012 (when’s the end-of-the-world thing anyway?).

Last night was celebarted with stupid looks, food, cocktails and few fireworks. It may be my saddest day ever, but yeah, I still managed to take some snaps. Taking pictures = defense mechanism. Here, let me share some snaps. Enjoy!

My favorite pet and me.

Home-made Paella (c/o my mom)


Still part of the year end celeb.

More lights

And another light


Margaritas! Chugged a lot of cocktails.

Street Fireworks

The fountain

It's the start of the new year!

More fireworks

Welcome 2012!

The Mario Maurer Encounter

It’s really nice to write a blog entry every now and then. It’s a good way to de-stress after a long week. Let me share one of the priceless event of my life. Okay, that might sound overrated, but yeah, really, one of those priceless times.

Thank you Mario Maurer for making my December happy just by seeing you live at the airport. And I would also like to thank you as well for saying Hi from afar. From your beloved die hard fan, Pau. That’s me!

See you again in the Philippines, soon! 🙂

Koi at the Airport!

A few weeks ago, new members of our workforce were added at the airport. First their workplace were set, then maintenance were added, and finally they were “deployed.” Meet our new friends, the Airport Kois.

Yes, the newly added members of our team are composed of all Japanese Kois. These creatures may not be doing the same thing we do, but they bring positive atmosphere in the entire workplace.

Since they are becoming a substantial addition to our team, we thought of doing the best possible way to take care of these laid-back creatures. At first, we were always wondering who’s in-charge of feeding them. Believe it or not, nobody can answer our question whenever we ask somebody at the airport. Since that was the situation, one of our superiors decided to include the “feeding” to our daily task. That’s a great idea, by the way.

Of course we can only do that much on our part – The cleaning and maintenance will be others’ task already. I really hope people from the airport will not leave them swimming in algae. Right now, so far so good on the maintenance. They should! Because these folks are what keeping us insane and calm on our daily operations at the airport.

Justin Bieber in Manila

So, Justin Bieber is in the Philippines right now. And his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) momentarily stopped the operations at the arrival area.

I, myself (even not a fan) approached the area where he will be arriving. Few people from the airline, airport administration, airport police, immigration and customs are present just to catch a glimpse of the teen superstar.

I don’t like his bodyguards, though. They keep on shoving away cameras (according to some people who assisted on his arrival), and covering JB. But of course, it’s their job to protect Biebs – May that be from any serious threat, or from an egg-throwing threat (which happened in Australia, BTW). Good thing our group got a good spot to see him. Hah!

Alright, that’s all. I’m just sharing my JB experience with y’all. Enjoy the very, very short video of JB’s arrival. ‘Till next time! 🙂

Intramuros Experience

My friends and I went to Intramuros yesterday, to get our dose of Philippine History. Well…We really intend to ride the ferry in Pasig River, but it is under assessment at the moment and we we’re not able to experience it. Epic fail.

Good thing, we made other plans like going to the “Walled City” (Intramuros), and dining out for dinner later in the day. Anyway, I would just want to share some snaps from our yesterday’s foot-tiring, but fun adventure. Yes, we did it only by foot.


Manila CBD from Walled City


Intramuros architecture


DOLE building


Manila Cathedral


Me taking photos (c/o my friend, Patricia)


Manila Post Office (c/o Patricia)


No ferry. Epic fail.

Alright. That’s it. Hopefully, the next time we will plan to go Manila, we will be able to get on a ferry. Just for experience.

Darren Criss in Manila

Alright, I know I am late in posting this. Darren Criss (Blaine from Glee) visited Manila! Whooo!

I almost forgot dropping by his last mall show here in the Philippines. Good thing, I was just in-time to see a glimpse of this very cool and handsome lad. Here’s a link of the video I took from his Wednesday’s show.

He was very cool in being a Filipino, and I am happy that he’s proud of it.

Anyway, I think that’s it for now. Just professing how I am a fan of Darren Criss.

The Walled City

Another long weekend means another trip to somewhere I don’t usually go to. My sister and I are in a cost-cutting situation, so we decided to go somewhere near like Intramuros, Manila.

Intramuros is also known as The Walled City. This place served as the seat of Spanish colonial rule in the East. It was also the center of commerce, education, government and religion four centuries ago.

Republic Act 597 (1951) declared Fort Santiago as a national shrine, and Intramuros as a historical monument. The law required the use of Spanish architectural designs for constructions in the city (Source: http://www.intramuros.phofficial website of Intramuros).

Here are some snaps we took from our short trip to the historical site.

Main entrance of The Walled City


The Fort Santiago Façade.


Closer look on Fort Santiago's intricate Façade made of wood and stone


No this is not Cinderella's service. Kalesa was the common transportation during the Spanish occupation.


A SFO-like cart in Intramuros.


Lastly, a photo of my sister enjoying the trip (though she admitted later on that this whole thing is tiring).

There are actually a lot of other places to visit in Intramuros. We just got tired, so we decided to take make use of the rest of our energy on a nearby mall.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the weekend everybody!