My Holy Week Career

While everyone is taking their Holy Week vacation, here I am preparing for work tomorrow. The week-long time off for others  will just be two days for me. No holidays, and no long vacations (at least on my first six months on my new job).

So what I did during the idlest time of the year? – Where no regular TV shows around, closed malls and most of your Facebook friends are out of town? One thing I proved sure: Nothing beats the entertainment of online flash games!

I discovered a new flash game site today called Fast Games. The games there are cool and short, but challenging (of course there are some boring ones). If you want to check it out, simply click here.

Let me share with you some of the games I enjoyed playing.

Little Wheel

Hard Way


These three games has likely the same plot and game objective. The player will have to find “something” to solve the entire game, and go through different obstacles to find that ultimate solution “something”. Get it? Anyway, I also loved the graphics of these games which added to the enjoyment of playing these flash games.

Obviously I am a gamer type of person. I love playing games like these, and so I am also planning to buy a new phone – Ones with Android OS. But the hell it is, I can’t buy anytime soon because I need to “stabilize” my financial state first since I changed jobs. Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll update you guys when I have my new phone already (which is again, not too soon from now). Also, try to visit the site, and I hope you could also enjoy the flash games there.

Cooking Mama on Facebook

Good Grief! It’s been ages since the last time I updated my blog (…or not and I am just being OA). Finally I was able to post something new today, and it’s about an online flash game I am currently playing. Some of my friends said that this game is also available to Android phones as an app.

Here you go. Presenting…Cooking Mama.

Cooking Mama is not really a complicated game or a mind game. It’s an app that most probably your little sibling/s might find enjoying. All you need to do is complete or do as much goals throughout the game, cook different dishes, and sell it on your cafe. It sounds so simple, right? However, just like any other games, it has its objective/s.

Maybe I can narrow down the app’s main objectives into three:

1. Complete or do as much goals as you go through the game. Simply check what items you need to do or cook. And you will actually cook the dishes (virtually, of course). You will definitely be away from the “progress bar” on this game.

2. Satisfy your cafe customers by knowing what dishes they like before you assign your dishes and open another shift of your cafe. You can know your customers’ wants by hovering your pointer to them (located on topmost part of your Cooking Mama screen.

3. Make sure you have your money managed. Just like any other business, good management is the key to keep your business going.

Alright, there you go. Cooking Mama is a game you can enjoy best if you are into cooking. If not, I am sure you can also enjoy it. Basically it’s like the Amateur Surgeon game, but on a kitchen and culinary setting. -Nice comparison eh?? Haha!

Well, I’ll stop here. I hope this stuff could help specially if you are a beginner on Cooking Mama. Enjoy!

Not your usual flash games

This time, we’ll be getting on with flash games and apps, yo!

So, I’ve been playing some apps on Facebook, and other flash gaming website out there. I am thinking to share my favorite apps and flash games to y’all. Hope some of you might find this also interesting. Anyway, here are some games I’ve enjoyed so far.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Yes, I know that the app’s game name sounds… weird. But hey, I am enjoying this. At first, I enjoyed playing this because of its unique game environment, but it feels good to repeat the game over and over just to get a high score. Just try to play it, and you’ll see unicorns, rainbow, butterflies, and check out the game song. I bet, girls and gays out there will start playing robot…unicorn. Let’s play!

Haunt the House

This game is a good past-time. No pressures involved, I swear. In fact, you’ll laugh yourself out while playing scary tricks to your guests. The goal of the game: To kick out all the guests from your house by scaring them. Sounds fun!

Five Minutes to Kill Yourself

Again, a good game past-time. Just as what the game title describes, the game is about killing yourself in five minutes. The faster, the better.


Take your usual strategy game into a whole new level! I am saying: Not your usual strategy game. Why? First, the goal is to dominate an office; Second, the attacks of each characters are…well…surreal; and third, it’s quite boring but addicting. Try it for yourself.

Victorian BMX

It’s a BMX game. I got addicted on it for some time. Maybe you wanna try the game’s “easy to difficult” obstacles. And yes, you can perform BMX tricks too.

So far, these are the games that got my interests. Will try to look for more and share it here. If you enjoy the type of games I mentioned above, you can freely play and find more of those kind in http://games.adultswim.com

Try it. It’s fun. This time, join me play the flash games in a new level!