First Love

Oh, Mario Maurer!

There’s a new addition on my celebrity winners. By the term winners, I mean that I love them. Ok fine, they’re my “some-sort of celebrity crush” (I wished to refuse the usage of the word crush because it’s too juvenile and cheesy. But obviously I failed on my objective). Maybe some of you would say: “Why the hell will I care about your crushes?” I say: “Hello? You need to know this to check if I will be your greatest nemesis on your idol or not.” – Fine, I just want to share this. Double fail.

So I tried searching for other movies featuring that good-looking boy in “The Love of Siam” (a Thai gay-themed movie). I didn’t know his name at first but then Google is there to help me. Finally I got his name: Mario Maurer. Search it if you like, but please make sure you have your tissues to help you on your “drooling time”.

After getting his name, I was able to find another movie which features him also as a lead actor. It’s a rom-com movie this time. The flick is titled “A Little Thing Called Love” (First Love). After watching the film the second time, I officially announce that Mario Maurer is included on my celebrity winners‘ list. Still wondering how good-looking he is? Here (all photos grabbed from Google images).

Alright, that’s it. I am off! I know some of you will be searching for his movies now. I won’t keep you reading this blog entry. Go and search Mario Maurer.