Digital Art

Vector Firsts

I finished what I had to do in the office today early, so I made use of the spare time to learn a few graphic designing things (while listening to all-Robbie Williams-playlist –off-topic).

My sister thought me some basic vector techniques using Adobe Illustrator. I should have a “model” image first to start, so I opened Google and stare at the search page like 5 minutes. I don’t know who to search, but David Beckham. I am really not a fan of him, but he’s the first thing I thought of. Maybe I am thinking of billboards or something? Anyway, I tried doing what I absorbed from my sister’s quick course and here’s what I made so far. I am planning to finish it, but I don’t  think I will be able to do it soon. I know, the image is…weird-looking. Well, there’s always a first time. 🙂

The original image is this…

…to a partial, this (see how amateur. Hah!)

Slob of Monster

Yes, you read it right – Slob-of-monster, not chops, beef or meat. It is a monster.

I got a new monster friend, and it is round, meat-y, and healthy. You can’t eat it though, because you just can’t (Fine, I don’t know why not).  It is not cool as Edward Cullen or Justin Bieber, but way too cool to be your friend monster.

I know, this is the lamest write-up among all my monsters.

Monster fellas

Just today, I got myself another set of monsters to accompany me during my dull moments. They are the latest addition on my monster addiction. And as usual, I am featuring them here on my blog again.

Aside from giving them the opportunity to be introduced on a separate blog entry, I also got them on my page as my background.  I don’t usually name my monsters, and I chose not to name them at all for no specific reason (have yourselves the freedom to give them their names if you want to). Here are my latest monsters, and say “Hi” to them.

fluffy monsters

The Hand (inspired by Minions)

It’s the time of the year again – nothing to do in the office, except for special requests from my boss. This also means I have more time for self-development: Reading books, taking tons of test-shots, and practicing my digital designs skills (if really that is a skill).

Here’s one of my “artwork-done-during-office-hours-yeah!” sample. I made this out of two (2) reasons: 1 – I was inspired by the minions’ (from Despicable Me) past time, which is photocopying their butts. I was not that wild, so I decided to photocopy a part of me that touches the butt most – my hand (well, nothing touches it than the hand isn’t it?). 2 – I need a new desktop art on my office PC. Plain black as the desktop background is too boring already.

I have not thought about this cool effect, but I got excited when I popped out a window on my screen. It seems like my hand (the image) pasted the window (or dialogue box) on the glass (the computer screen). Here look at the effect. It looks cool (at least for me).

Anyway, that is all for now. Hope you find my work cool too.