Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams Strikes Again!

After a couple of mishaps and anger management yesternight and today, I got myself a dose of American Idol to calm down my self. I’ve been confessing my favorite idol on AI on my past posts, and again he proved that I am a deserving fan of his. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Casey Abrams.

What I love about this guy is the consistency on his level of performances. For me, watching him through the course of this season makes me feel I am doing some sort of vice. I kept on waiting for his performance and how better it will turn out compared from the last time. And let me just say, the “keeps on getting better” thing is always there… unbelievably consistent.

Of course, the excitement of watching Idol will not be complete without the amazing talents they found this year. I’ve never been a fan of this show until Adam Lambert’s season (again a great talent). I guess the showcase of talents and variety of voices is what keeps the show holding on stronger. I really hope for the success of this show for the entire season, and looking forward for more surprises and excitement.

As for now, I’ll be rooting for my favorite Casey Abrams! Woohoo! Keep the good vibes coming, yo!

A Terrifying Idol Top 24 Write-up

I just watched American Idol, and geez I say: “you gain some, and you lose some…of your favorites.” One is Chris Medina, whom I always believe that he is better than some Top 24 people; Then another is the adorable Jaycee Badeaux, whom I really hope will join again next season. But everything’s good for me, no big dissapointments on the show, because my top 3 faves are still in – especially Casey Abrams!

Casey Abrams is the coolest Idol contestant ever! I love everything from him: the great talent, funny and kid-like personality, and his priceless facial expressions (yes, I love those). Actually, he’s too good he inspired me to do another cover (**insert main motive here). I made another cover of a song, and I took this afternoon activity by heart (Riiiight). Fine. Just watch (or listen) to my new cover, and exit the page, then pull it up again, then close, then do whatever you want: Curse, make fun, share, or appreciate (notice I am doing the “last-item-recall-theory” here).