American Idol

Casey Abrams Strikes Again!

After a couple of mishaps and anger management yesternight and today, I got myself a dose of American Idol to calm down my self. I’ve been confessing my favorite idol on AI on my past posts, and again he proved that I am a deserving fan of his. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Casey Abrams.

What I love about this guy is the consistency on his level of performances. For me, watching him through the course of this season makes me feel I am doing some sort of vice. I kept on waiting for his performance and how better it will turn out compared from the last time. And let me just say, the “keeps on getting better” thing is always there… unbelievably consistent.

Of course, the excitement of watching Idol will not be complete without the amazing talents they found this year. I’ve never been a fan of this show until Adam Lambert’s season (again a great talent). I guess the showcase of talents and variety of voices is what keeps the show holding on stronger. I really hope for the success of this show for the entire season, and looking forward for more surprises and excitement.

As for now, I’ll be rooting for my favorite Casey Abrams! Woohoo! Keep the good vibes coming, yo!

A Terrifying Idol Top 24 Write-up

I just watched American Idol, and geez I say: “you gain some, and you lose some…of your favorites.” One is Chris Medina, whom I always believe that he is better than some Top 24 people; Then another is the adorable Jaycee Badeaux, whom I really hope will join again next season. But everything’s good for me, no big dissapointments on the show, because my top 3 faves are still in – especially Casey Abrams!

Casey Abrams is the coolest Idol contestant ever! I love everything from him: the great talent, funny and kid-like personality, and his priceless facial expressions (yes, I love those). Actually, he’s too good he inspired me to do another cover (**insert main motive here). I made another cover of a song, and I took this afternoon activity by heart (Riiiight). Fine. Just watch (or listen) to my new cover, and exit the page, then pull it up again, then close, then do whatever you want: Curse, make fun, share, or appreciate (notice I am doing the “last-item-recall-theory” here).


My Top Three Idol Favorites

Just watched American Idol’s Hollywood episode, and let me say that I have my early favorites now! Oh yea, I have narrowed my choices down to three already.

Of course my top 3 idols are plainly based on my biases – the kind of music I enjoy, the quality of voice, the stage presence, etc. I know at this early stage, all the AI fans also have their own favorites, specially those who are residing in the USA. It is expected that those participants who are representing their respective state are expected to be the favorite of their fellow statesmen. But no rules are saying you will only stick to that, right? Well, it’s up to them. I am here, an AI fan from the Asia-Pacific country, the Philippines.

Alright, here are my top 3 favorites.

Casey Abrams

Who could ever forget this man who looks like Fraggle Rock? (Kidding) No, seriously this young man got an unbelievable talent. Aside from playing that piano-blowing instrument (I don’t know how it’s called) well, he knows how to blow his audience away with his smooth, husky, and powerful voice. Not to mention, he got the stage vibes as well and a very down-to-earth attitude. Very nice!

Brett Loewenstern

Aside from the quality of voice, I love his fluffy hair. I mean, yeah it’s just a hair, but it adds up to his whole “artist package,” isn’t? Then by the time he opens his mouth to sing… now that’s what you call a voice with personality. I noticed though that he has this attitude to “sort of breathe a note” on every line he sings, which doesn’t sound that good for me. I hope he gets better as the AI continues.

Thia Megia

The only rose among the thorns, and a proud Pinay among my favorites. This little girl has her own style. I love the vibrato in her voice, and basically the way she sings. I recently found out that she also joined America’s Got Talent previously. I hope she goes further in AI. Definitely, her AGT experience made her better for this competition.

So there it is. I really hope this guys (and bunch of teens) will go far in Idol. Of course, at this early stage, there will be a lot of developments and unexpected situations might arise. But as of now, I will be rooting for them. Let’s get it on!

American Idol Season 10

American Idol is back, and doing a great job (so far) on its season 10.

Out of the original three judges, Randy Jackson remained to be the last one standing. He’s now joined by two interesting personalities in music and entertainment – One rock star legend, and one very beautiful and talented singer/actress. By the way, I love how the season premiere episode started. It’s all cool.

So here’s what I think of AI’s season premiere: Without Simon Cowell, definitely it’s a different kind of judges’ table – sarcasm and blatant comments, most probably, will not be seen much this season. However, Steve Tyler is there, and he surprised me like hell. It would definitely a different kind of season this time.

It didn’t even cross my mind that Steven Tyler will be this good. When the news broke out that Steven Tyler will be a part of AI’s set of judges, I haven’t felt any excitement at all. But when I watched the season premiere last night, I swear I was laughing my head off with his funny antics and his classic rock star attitude. I am really looking forward for more of this as the show continues.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez remains beautiful than ever. She stays to be the sweet and gentle person during the Idol auditions. Her presence reminded me of Paula Abdul’s judging attitude – having a hard time in saying “no” to the contestants, giving advises, highlighting other positive things of the participants whenever the participant’s voice sucks (LOL), and is not into harsh comments. Though her judging style is not really “unique,” J.Lo will always be a J.Lo from the Bronx who is definitely a talented and gorgeous woman. After all, her achievements are not a joke and she knows a lot in the world of entertainment.

Randy, my dawg, remains to be the same Randy. It’s good he decided to stay in the show. He is the expert on the judging and finding a real talent. He is the perfect man to do that for AI. After all, he is known as one of the top music/talent producer. Let’s keep it coming, dawg!

There. I think what Idol needs now to complete and pull-off a successful season is to find a very good set of talent. I guess that will be the deciding point of all the American Idol fans. Of course, who would watch a reality show with not-so-good participants? What’s the point, right? I really hope this season will turn out good. And so far, American Idol, you are doing a good job. Keep it up!


American Idol “wth” Results Night

I was surprised like hell! Last week’s Results Night is the crappiest night EVER of American Idol.

Really now?? That was my reaction after Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott got voted off from the hit reality show American Idol. As weak season as it may seem, I think it will be more boring after that results night –  Wherein two of the best talents of Season 9 take their final songs on AI stage.

I don’t know what America wants to listen to, Lilly Scott said after Seacrest asked what she thinks about the results. I totally agree with her. Scott is a great talent, same as with Alex Lambert but still they got voted off from the show.

I personally like both of these contestants. They have a distinct sound, style and attitude, not like other *ehem* teeny guys and gals who managed to get into the Top 12. C’mon America, are you kidding me? Really? Seriously?

I know for a fact that Lambert has weak points, specially when he performed on AI stage the first time. God knows he was singing blankly and awkwardly. But he managed to redeem himself on the next episodes of the show. I admit, he is one of my favorites well, obviously. But not being biased or whatever, isn’t it he sound better than, at least, that teeny guy from Orlando or the re-entry guy? I don’t know. With that, One thing is for sure. He is really a great talent loss from AI competition.

On the other hand, Lilly Scott. She has a complete and solid right to feel disappointed after that results night. From the start of the competition, she has been doing great and confidently singing her heart out on every performance. I felt really terrible when Ryan Seacrest announced that the other teeny girl get into the Top 12, and not Lilly. I can’t really tell what made her out of the competition because she is one of the most consistent performer in AI. The vote turnout is simply unacceptable.

Well, results are results. I just wish AI would come up with a wild card entry. It is not mainly because I would want any of my favorites to get back into the show – It is more of making the competition more interesting. If that would happen, contestants will become more protective of their hard-earned spot in the said reality show, which could make them feel more competitive. Who knows, maybe this could be a way to see a spark of real talent from the Top 12 guys and girls of American Idol.

Along came Andrew Garcia

After 8 seasons of American Idol (AI), I am starting to get hooked to the said TV show just now. And when I say hooked, everything stops when that guitar sound and AI logo comes in.

My addiction started during the last 6 or 7 episodes of last year’s AI. I am a Lambert fan. For me it’s quite obvious that Lambert can truly sing more than Allen. No offense to the Allen fans, but come on,  if we talk about voice range, Lambert is the killer. I admit, I was pretty shocked when Allen won the title of American Idol Season 8 Winner. Again…No offense.

This season, I am really looking forward to watch all the AI episodes. So far, everything is doing well for me. I have never missed any episode yet. Thanks to replays. It is quite weird and amazing all together though when I realized that as early as now, I already have my bet.

Andrew Garcia – A father looking for something big to happen in the competition to support his family. This man has mad vocals. I mean from all the contestants, he shines most. He is a genius in arranging his songs, and he can really really sing well. His voice and style is edgy and unique – and that what makes him up there. Let me show you how he does that.

For me, that is the vocals that could make the next American Idol winner. Keep up the good work brother. Keep on reaching the top spot.