The Mario Maurer Encounter

It’s really nice to write a blog entry every now and then. It’s a good way to de-stress after a long week. Let me share one of the priceless event of my life. Okay, that might sound overrated, but yeah, really, one of those priceless times.

Thank you Mario Maurer for making my December happy just by seeing you live at the airport. And I would also like to thank you as well for saying Hi from afar. From your beloved die hard fan, Pau. That’s me!

See you again in the Philippines, soon! ūüôā

Koi at the Airport!

A few weeks ago, new members of our workforce were added at the airport. First their workplace were set, then maintenance were added, and finally they were “deployed.” Meet our new friends, the Airport Kois.

Yes, the newly added members of our team are composed of all Japanese Kois. These creatures may not be doing the same thing we do, but they bring positive atmosphere in the entire workplace.

Since they are becoming a¬†substantial¬†addition to our team, we thought of doing the best possible way to take care of these laid-back creatures. At first, we were always wondering who’s in-charge of feeding them.¬†Believe¬†it or not, nobody can answer our question whenever we ask somebody at the airport. Since that was the situation, one of our superiors decided to include the “feeding” to our daily task. That’s a great idea, by the way.

Of course we can only do that much on our part – The cleaning and maintenance will be others’ task already. I really hope people from the airport will not leave them swimming in algae. Right now, so far so good on the maintenance. They should! Because these folks are what keeping us insane and calm on our daily operations at the airport.

See You at the Airport

It’s been a while since my last post. That means I am busy again, and that also means I am employed again! Weee!

Maybe some of you are wondering what might be my new job (…since I opened this topic. Duh, obviously). Well, I am now gonna start to look like a very respectful professional (hopefully) in one of the most busy places – the airport. Yup! from now on, I am going to be a member of Bureau of Customs. And I am now a¬†government¬†employee. Nice!

So, I’ve been undergoing a training right now (with my co-newbies) about some duties and taxes stuff. Basically I will be doing the duty of inspecting and assessing the dutiable values of imported products carried by the visiting passengers.

I am actually feeling a little anxious, but excited at the same time. I think that’s better than feeling anxious at all. The¬†responsibility¬†on this job might sound simple, but the truth is it’s really huge – Specially spotting those items¬†categorized¬†as prohibited to enter the Philippines.

Well, I just really hope everything will turn out great. Good luck to me, and good speed to all the Filipinos out there.