Casey Abrams Strikes Again!

After a couple of mishaps and anger management yesternight and today, I got myself a dose of American Idol to calm down my self. I’ve been confessing my favorite idol on AI on my past posts, and again he proved that I am a deserving fan of his. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Casey Abrams.

What I love about this guy is the consistency on his level of performances. For me, watching him through the course of this season makes me feel I am doing some sort of vice. I kept on waiting for his performance and how better it will turn out compared from the last time. And let me just say, the “keeps on getting better” thing is always there… unbelievably consistent.

Of course, the excitement of watching Idol will not be complete without the amazing talents they found this year. I’ve never been a fan of this show until Adam Lambert’s season (again a great talent). I guess the showcase of talents and variety of voices is what keeps the show holding on stronger. I really hope for the success of this show for the entire season, and looking forward for more surprises and excitement.

As for now, I’ll be rooting for my favorite Casey Abrams! Woohoo! Keep the good vibes coming, yo!

Autumn’s Concerto

Autumn's Concerto (c/o

I’ve been spending time at home, and got nothing to do but watch the Taiwanese drama Autumn’s Concerto. Yes, you read it right. I am not actually a fan of Asian dramas, but this series got me interested. It might be because of Vanness Wu’s good looks, or plainly just the story. 🙂

Anyway, I am not yet done watching the drama. So I guess, it’s impossible for me to rate it now. Though that would be the case, I could share what I have in mind so far about the series. For my fellow Filipinos, you can start watching it in YouTube (if this post made you interested).

So far, the story is running good. Though there are “dead” (or boring) moments while watching it, the entirety of its story keeps the viewers (like me) to keep interested. I especially love the first part of the series, because there’s a glaring element of suspense due to the uncle’s harassment motives. Then as the drama progress, the story leans toward the “real drama” – While watching the series will end you up teary-eyed, feeling “aawwed”, pissed off, and many more. I just hope that as the series progress, specially for the ending, the story will not be disappointing.

That’s it. I’ll try to post some update regarding this drama once I am able to finish watching it. Obviously I am so into it right now, since I am spending some time just tell everybody that I am watching and enjoying it. If you finished watching the drama already, tell me what you think. I’ll be more than happy to share some thoughts regarding this thing.

Alright. I talk too much. I’m gonna end this now. Thanks for the visit!

Zuckerberg Overload at SNL

Most probably you already saw the Zuckerberg overload on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Basically Jesse Eisenberg, Andy Samberg and the real Mark Zuckerberg were ALL together in a short skit on the famous comedy and parody show. The result? Watch it for yourself.

I know. First reaction you’ll have is: Awkward. Same here. This set-up can never get more more awkward than anything else. Though, I appreciate Mark Zuckerberg’s cool side, as he responds “Interesting” after he was asked on how he thinks about the movie The Social Network. As what we all know, the movie depicted a not-so-good side of Mark Zuckerberg (portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg). Now we are talking!

Well, I am very happy that they all met each other finally! I hope they had a great time getting to know each other at the back stage. Sounds awkward.

To end this, there’s one thing I think, I could advise the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg: Stick to the CEO thing. I am loving you being the Man behind Facebook, man. Really.

Glee and something called representation

It’s been a while since I last made an entry here, and finally I am back. I did not actually go somewhere else; I just can’t find anything that gets me on a writing mode. And then I watched  Glee’s most recent episode. I admit that I am a fan, but sometimes not.

Glee may be the most liked, unliked, commented, debated, criticized, analyzed, hated, loved, and God knows what other things that goes with this show. Most of us talk about it – It’s definitely the buzz. Check Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and maybe also Friendster (Does it still even exist? We never know), and you will see that Glee is everywhere. That fact alone makes it one of the most popular things now. And maybe (just maybe) being popular might be a best way to put across a message from those people that are treated as unrepresented.

Then I thought that unrepresented is a vague and a relative word. One person can consider a thing unrepresented, but others might consider it as a contrary. Its definition boils down to each one’s experience, knowledge, familiarity, and connection. I don’t think it is logical for people to fight over what’s unrepresented and represented on our society; it makes no sense to me.

Unpretty, gay, lesbian, unloved, brainless, PWD, Asian, fat, etc – These are just some of the topics (or people) that Glee is trying to represent on their show. I know that there are times that the story is too lame to be an episode, because they represent something – It’s just like the producers made that episode just to survive a show. But who can possibly tell this: What if representation is something they prioritize? I mean, of course I am not that stupid to think that they are producers, and there they are not thinking if their show will make money or not. Who knows of their real motive, right? Maybe they really planned to start it right, get the trust of millions of people to watch their show, and then once established, the “real game” begin.

Let’s just make it simple. Glee invites people to think; it invites people to look around them and observe. At least the show invites something to happen – even on a smallest way. How about us, your best friend, your family, yourself? Have we asked if we invite something to happen to our society?


American Idol “wth” Results Night

I was surprised like hell! Last week’s Results Night is the crappiest night EVER of American Idol.

Really now?? That was my reaction after Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott got voted off from the hit reality show American Idol. As weak season as it may seem, I think it will be more boring after that results night –  Wherein two of the best talents of Season 9 take their final songs on AI stage.

I don’t know what America wants to listen to, Lilly Scott said after Seacrest asked what she thinks about the results. I totally agree with her. Scott is a great talent, same as with Alex Lambert but still they got voted off from the show.

I personally like both of these contestants. They have a distinct sound, style and attitude, not like other *ehem* teeny guys and gals who managed to get into the Top 12. C’mon America, are you kidding me? Really? Seriously?

I know for a fact that Lambert has weak points, specially when he performed on AI stage the first time. God knows he was singing blankly and awkwardly. But he managed to redeem himself on the next episodes of the show. I admit, he is one of my favorites well, obviously. But not being biased or whatever, isn’t it he sound better than, at least, that teeny guy from Orlando or the re-entry guy? I don’t know. With that, One thing is for sure. He is really a great talent loss from AI competition.

On the other hand, Lilly Scott. She has a complete and solid right to feel disappointed after that results night. From the start of the competition, she has been doing great and confidently singing her heart out on every performance. I felt really terrible when Ryan Seacrest announced that the other teeny girl get into the Top 12, and not Lilly. I can’t really tell what made her out of the competition because she is one of the most consistent performer in AI. The vote turnout is simply unacceptable.

Well, results are results. I just wish AI would come up with a wild card entry. It is not mainly because I would want any of my favorites to get back into the show – It is more of making the competition more interesting. If that would happen, contestants will become more protective of their hard-earned spot in the said reality show, which could make them feel more competitive. Who knows, maybe this could be a way to see a spark of real talent from the Top 12 guys and girls of American Idol.


**I wrote this sentiment last Saturday, March 6.

Item 1: I am in the office on a Saturday.

Item 2: I am hungry, because I did not eat proper breakfast.

Item 3: My lunch is not on time. Because of a crappy person (oops, reason).

Item 4: Fickle-mindedness sucks.

What the hell is happening? I am just in the middle of the day and I am getting all of these.

It is almost 6AM, I woke up and I don’t want to go in the office. Well, good luck to me because I don’t have any choice. I swear to God, life is unfair – because of unfair people. C’mon guys, I am working my ass off to beat deadlines and then you want me to come in the office for your benefit? So are you trying to say that, you don’t have personal life so come here or else you are doomed. Work for us, because your personal plans must not work. Our plans are the greatest commandment of all. Obey us. No wonder, people are leaving you.

I went down the stairs. I heard mom leaving the house. Ok. Bye! take care. I walked towards the dining table. No food. Well, I managed to let it pass, but I am hungry. I go straight to take my bath.

I took the ever-stressful jeep, then train, then jeep, then forever-walk. I am the first one in the office. Ok, that’s fine. No problem. Then another came in after me, and another, and so on. 11AM came and I can hear the battle cry of my tummy. Hey, where do you want to eat? The response was to just eat on a fastfood – on that case, we will go to the nearest mall. Alright, so I waited until lunch time.

12NN came and I reminded them of the dining plan. Guess what, they changed their minds. Let’s just call for a delivery. That means another 30 to 45 minutes waiting time. That sucks.

My friends know that fickle-mindedness is the least thing anybody would want to do to me. I just don’t have enough patience on dealing with that attitude. For me, it means being disrespectful of one’s expectations, time, plans, etc. I just don’t understand why people find not doing it so hard. Anyway, everything is done. Let’s move on. I am enjoying my fried chicken now. And I wonder… When will be the next season of Glee (yes, I am wondering on Glee’s next season, as I am enjoying my food. I don’t know where that thought came from)?

Along came Andrew Garcia

After 8 seasons of American Idol (AI), I am starting to get hooked to the said TV show just now. And when I say hooked, everything stops when that guitar sound and AI logo comes in.

My addiction started during the last 6 or 7 episodes of last year’s AI. I am a Lambert fan. For me it’s quite obvious that Lambert can truly sing more than Allen. No offense to the Allen fans, but come on,  if we talk about voice range, Lambert is the killer. I admit, I was pretty shocked when Allen won the title of American Idol Season 8 Winner. Again…No offense.

This season, I am really looking forward to watch all the AI episodes. So far, everything is doing well for me. I have never missed any episode yet. Thanks to replays. It is quite weird and amazing all together though when I realized that as early as now, I already have my bet.

Andrew Garcia – A father looking for something big to happen in the competition to support his family. This man has mad vocals. I mean from all the contestants, he shines most. He is a genius in arranging his songs, and he can really really sing well. His voice and style is edgy and unique – and that what makes him up there. Let me show you how he does that.

For me, that is the vocals that could make the next American Idol winner. Keep up the good work brother. Keep on reaching the top spot.