Shake Shake Fries to Infinity!

McDonald's Shake Shake Fries Combo (from Google images)

Yesterday, I thought of getting my favorite Shake Shake Fries in McDonald’s. It’s kinda raining hard but I still went out to do some errands and to eat that freaking meal (actually, the eating part convinced me of going out). I was able to satisfy my craving, and was happy about it. Today, I am feeling again that urge to pick up the phone and call the delivery hotline of McDonald’s… only to order that Shake Shake Fries – Cheese.

I am not really sure what McDonald’s has on this fries that made me this addicted. I even tried the competitor’s copycat product (because of too much craving), but it’s just not the same as the Shake Shake Fries. McDonald’s version of flavored fries is more flavorful and crispy – Obviously waaaay better than the competitor’s product.

You might be wondering why I am writing about some fast food product called Shake Shake Fries. The reason: because I am a fan of this product (obviously), it’s one of my comfort foods, and I want it available all the time here in the Philippines – meaning, I am hoping McDonald’s will make it available all the time, and not during Kung Fu Panda premieres only. So, calling all McDonald’s bosses, please make Shake Shake Fries a main stay on your menu.

Today, even I am starving to eat those fries, I decided to control myself from ordering it. Let’s also remember that being moderate on everything we eat or consume will always be the best option for our well being. So I am not going to eat one today, maybe I’ll just order it tomorrow (kidding!).

Juan Kissed the Chocolate in the Cocina

Today, I am posting another food trip adventure with my friends. It’s been a while since this adventure took place – this time it’s done entirely in Quezon City.

We visited Cocina Juan in the food-famous street, Maginhawa street. The food and the serving is awesome, plus it’s not too expensive. If you feel like eating South American cuisine, this is one of the best place to be. Most of their dishes are flavored with lemon – from pasta, to sizzlings, to grilled. You will first think it’s kinda weird, but really it’s delish.

After we ate our main meals at Cocina Juan, we decided to visit a famous cafe for cakes and sweets – The Chocolate Kiss. The shop we visited is the one in Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman.

My friends and I ordered different cakes for us to compare, and to know which one is the best. The cakes there are sinful – specially their chocolate-based cakes. I am a Dark Chocolate addict, and I totally love the Double Chocolate something*I forgot the name of the cake I ordered, sorry*. I love the exact taste of sweetness of their cakes – not too sweet, not too dull. So I guess, most of us agreed that my cake is the best cake we tasted from that batch we ordered.

Anyway, here are some snaps from our food trip. Have fun!

At Cocina Juan

Some art pieces at Cocina Juan

Cocina Juan's Potato wedges

One of Cocina Juan's pastas

Cocina Juan's Grilled Chicken

Cocina Juan's Grilled Chops

The Chocolate Kiss. Tsup! 🙂

Double Chocolate something. I forgot, sorry.

Another cake from The Chocolate Kiss

Shove That Food… All In A Day

My rest day yesterday was a blast. My friends and I went to different sides of the metro to food-hop! Let me share our itinerary. Time started 10.30AM, time ended 8.00PM. Yummeh!

First, we went to the crave-worth chicken, BonChon Chicken (Ayala Triangle). We ordered the large serving (6 drumsticks, and 12 wings) with two orders of rice each. We shoved all the chicks in our mouth, down to our hungry tummies. O yeah!

Next, we went strolling around Makati City’s avenues to get our digestive systems working. As we reached Glorietta, we went to Starbucks to get some caffeine in our system. Talks, laughs and more also included.

After the coffee session, we went to Eton Centris in Quezon City to check out LazerTag. However, we find it a little expensive and decided to try it next time. We seriously thought of going home already, but thought about a place we could still visit to eat (again) at a cheap price. It was then we went to UP Campus to eat tusok-tusok.

20 isaw manok (chicken intestines), 20 isaw baboy (pork intestines), and 4 balun-balunan (gizzard). Total tusok-tusok eaten: 44 sticks for the four of us. Good thing, we are still alive with all the cholesterol in our system. Yey!

It was really an amazing and satisfying experience. I swear. I am sharing some snaps to you guys. Whew, mouth-watering! Really hope this will happen again soon.


The best chicken, BonChon Chicken


Walking session after eating lots of chicken


Coffee session at Sbucks Glorietta


While asking ourselves : Go home, or not to go home? (Eton Centris)


Sticks up!

Persian Grill and Cafe Breton

My friends and I got a taste of Persian and French last night. I am talking about food.

To cap it all, the food is a blast. Flavorful dishes and desserts, plus a good resto ambiance. Smells like a sweet date night with friends. Here, allow me to share some snaps of last night’s adventure.

Sizzling ox brain. Anyone?

Chicken and beef kebab

Persian lights. Maybe?

Caramel coffee legoise

All-time favorite crepe

Alright. If you want to visit and have a bit of these food, everything is located in SM North Edsa and TriNoma in Quezon City, Philippines.

The BonChon Experience

What’s my favorite food to eat? Easy. Chicken.

I never and will  never get tired of eating chicken – Whether it’s fried, baked, roasted, boiled, with sauce, with soup. Since I love chicken very much, I took a 2-hour travel just to eat one of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life (I really wanted to taste the best, but good luck to me because it’s in Korea. I’m in the Philippines). Ladies and gentlemen, presenting The BonChon Chicken.

BonChon Chicken’s Korean Chicken comes in two flavors: hot and spicy, or their popular soy and garlic. Since I am not a spicy person (though I am hot. Hah!), I picked the soy and garlic flavor. The result: I shoved a lot of chicken parts in my mouth. Happy.

I simply love the flavor of their chicken. It’s really flavorful and you can definitely taste the soy and garlic in each bite. I think the flavor is glazed after frying the chicken, making the texture a little sticky but still crispy. Aside form the chicken thing, the staff are very friendly and accommodating. Good job!

I really recommend this resto to all chicken lovers, and I swear you will not be disappointed. BonChon Chicken is located at Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City. I am not sure if they have other branches here in Manila. If you know any branch aside from the one in Ayala Triangle, please share. Thanks!

Happy eating!

The night of colorful tsismis

After so many months of not seeing my High school friends, finally I was able to dine with them yesterday.

The dinner lasted for so many hours, and it was fun – a lot of catching up, loud voices (with loud topics also), and laughter. Spell FUN.

The place was also cool. We went to the newly-constructed Centris along EDSA, corner Quezon Avenue, and it was…colorful. Got some photos by yours truly, and just want to share ’em here. Sorry, I can’t share most of the dining experience because we talked about a lot of local showbiz gossips A.K.A. tsismis. Ha!  – Reason why our night went extraordinary.