Digital Art

Do The Doodle With Sketcher App

It’s been centuries since I last posted something on this blog. It’s kinda frustrating to have a blog but not able to keep it updated – it’s like making a whole lot of nonsense. Good thing I have found myself a good app to feature on my somewhat-comeback-post.

Recently, I have downloaded an app called “Sketcher”. The app lets its user to draw freehand doodles. Aside form that, the app saves its user from boredom (the greatest catch of this thing. Ha!). The entire screen of your Android mobile could be your canvas in an instant.

The app features different effects on doodling. It comes with an interchangeable brushes to create cool and visually appealing sketches. Here are some of my very  amateur looking doodles using the “Sketcher” app.

Trial sketch


Doodle of myself


Latest doodle / My personal mascot

There you go. So far these are what I have. I will post some more once I am able to do more sketches. Enjoy the week ahead!


The newly designed Philippine Peso bills

Last night was a lame night for me. No hang-outs, just going-straight-home. I guess I am quite convinced that going home late will not give me a more comfortable travel back home  – every night is a disaster during Christmas season.

Since I came home early, I was able to catch the evening news. I was surprised that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) launched new designs of Philippine Peso bills. What surprised me more is that they will circulate the 20-Peso bill the next day (which is today).

Here’s how the bills will look like. These are the newly designed 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 Philippine Peso bills.

New bills featuring younger photos of Philippine heroes and historical icons

I am not sure if I am the only who has this feeling that there is a bill somewhere else which looks like (or has the same theme) the newly designed bill. I am not saying this is a rip-off or anything, I just feel there is, or maybe most bills around the world are getting the “modern look” already that’s why all bills from different countries look the same.

Generally, it looks nice. At least the bills are getting a fresher look. I hope this will also serve as a start for a better governance that every Filipino is longing for.

Vector Firsts

I finished what I had to do in the office today early, so I made use of the spare time to learn a few graphic designing things (while listening to all-Robbie Williams-playlist –off-topic).

My sister thought me some basic vector techniques using Adobe Illustrator. I should have a “model” image first to start, so I opened Google and stare at the search page like 5 minutes. I don’t know who to search, but David Beckham. I am really not a fan of him, but he’s the first thing I thought of. Maybe I am thinking of billboards or something? Anyway, I tried doing what I absorbed from my sister’s quick course and here’s what I made so far. I am planning to finish it, but I don’t  think I will be able to do it soon. I know, the image is…weird-looking. Well, there’s always a first time. 🙂

The original image is this…

…to a partial, this (see how amateur. Hah!)

An encounter with

Thank you for the habit of reading Inquirer, and I discovered something to do that’s worth my time this weekend.

If you are a Filipino who loves viewing graphic novels or watching short digitals, here is one of the best site to visit:

The site is like YouTube minus the public uploading, but with an alternative content. You will find a lot of cool and artsy stuff when you browse their website.

One of the shorts I loved is Transit. This clip is only a part of the whole thought of ‘Kada Kwento. Some clips are short, but filled with thought-provoking ideas. Here, have a peek of what you can expect by clicking this link:

That’s all. Have s nice weekend viewing the videos, and graphic designs and novels!


The Hand (inspired by Minions)

It’s the time of the year again – nothing to do in the office, except for special requests from my boss. This also means I have more time for self-development: Reading books, taking tons of test-shots, and practicing my digital designs skills (if really that is a skill).

Here’s one of my “artwork-done-during-office-hours-yeah!” sample. I made this out of two (2) reasons: 1 – I was inspired by the minions’ (from Despicable Me) past time, which is photocopying their butts. I was not that wild, so I decided to photocopy a part of me that touches the butt most – my hand (well, nothing touches it than the hand isn’t it?). 2 – I need a new desktop art on my office PC. Plain black as the desktop background is too boring already.

I have not thought about this cool effect, but I got excited when I popped out a window on my screen. It seems like my hand (the image) pasted the window (or dialogue box) on the glass (the computer screen). Here look at the effect. It looks cool (at least for me).

Anyway, that is all for now. Hope you find my work cool too.

Timbaland. JT. Jojo//

I know this is way too late. It’s been uhm… I don’t know how late this post is.

Anyway, I attended Timbaland’s Shockwave Tour Concert at MOA Concert Grounds, Manila last March 27 (see how late it is?). Let me say I had a blast on that show.

Timbaland’s dance moves and antiques are funny and enjoying enough to make the crowd go wow. Of course, celebrities attending the party are also a plus factor to the fun. It is funny how the girls reacted every time Derek Ramsey’s face is being shown on the screen. I thought: Is this Derek’s show or what? But can’t blame ‘em –That actor has a lot of things to say. Alright, moving on…

Let me get on the best part of the show straight, and now. It was the last production –-it was the mix of all the hits. Thank God, he spared me to remember 1 song out of all the…well, hits. JT and Timbaland on the stage performing Sexy Back topped it with i-don’t-know-how-long fireworks. It was the best ending for a show.

Here are some of the photos. Sorry, I just borrowed dad’s camera. I am a failure in learning the basics on its pre-sets.

Heroic spill out

It is quite funny because I just realized I just finished watching a movie after I made this Digi-work. The movie: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I don’t know if I was influenced by the movie or what. I just thought of these words in a snap. “Ako ang bida” or “I am the lead / protagonist / hero”.

I know it is eeky. But hey, aren’t we really a hero or bida in our own ways? I mean we can be a hero or the protagonist in our own school, office, or house (I think). Maybe by showing authority to others whom we feel our subordinates. Actually, even we clearly know that some people are not our subordinates, there are some people we just feel we can be commanding – or worst, bully. I know it’s harsh, but it’s the reality – Some boss bully their employees, some employees bully their co-workers.

I know. Life sucks. But let’s look at the good side of this whole thing.

Imagine there are no bullies. No boss, teacher, parents, police. All of us are equal. It will definitely be fun! Each of us will be doing all the things we want, no rules and no constraints. But aren’t we looking on a more serious problem here? We are taking a sure shot on one word: CHAOS.

I think things work in bipolar-ism (I just created a term here. Heehee). This means that all the things in this world balance itself. All things have its counterpart to balance its function. This proves that all people and things have their own thoughts. We can not satisfy all people, and there will be some who will deviate.

I think expressing your opinions is fun, and maybe a need. We need to balance things. If we will agree on everything, we are just protecting our image. We are just playing it safe. Our true purpose on this place will not be done. We are just living out of nothing.

Living out of nothing is worst. And we will not know it until we’re gone.