Month: September 2016

Cebu-Bantayan Trip

Just like a prodigal child, I am logging in again for a quick write up. Geez, I missed this!

Let me share my trip last July in the island of Cebu, Philippines (Yes, I know. Late post again lol). It was my fist time to visit the place, both Cebu city and Bantayan island, and the experience was relaxing-ly awesome.

From Mactan, we head straight to North Bus Terminal to take the bus for Hagnaya port – One can either take the Bantayan bus, or Sta. Fe. Most of the resorts in the island is located in the town of Sta. Fe. So if you don’t have plans to go to the town of Bantayan yet, taking the Sta. Fe bus should be okay already. The town of Bantayan in Bantayan island is roughly an hour away from Sta. Fe.

The stay in Bantayan island is very relaxing. We stayed in Anika Beach Resort and enjoyed their rooms which is made out of container vans. The resort’s beach area is nice and their staff are very courteous and accommodating. Plus, their rates are also very competitive compared to other beach front resorts. Just make sure you book directly to them to get the lower rate. I highly recommend their place.

During our stay in Bantayan island, we decided to visit the other towns – Bantayan and Madridejos. Going to the town of Madridejos is a challenge. At the time we visited the place, the roads are under construction making the travel time a little longer (I guess), and making the trip powdery (lols). Upon arriving in Madridejos, we went to the Fort of Kota Ruins, which is basically an Intramuros looking gate (yes singular- only one gate), and sort of poorly maintained; and to their boardwalk which I kinda enjoyed, except for the damaged portions of the walkway (stressed me from walking further to the end). Basically, our travel time going to Madridejos is longer than the time we spent there haha. But yes, it’s the experience that counts! Now, if anyone’s still planning to go there, here’s how: Coming from Sta. Fe, one should take a jeep (or trike-jeep as we called it) to Bantayan town. From there, ride another jeep (true jeepney lol) to the town of Madridejos. Total travel time from Sta. Fe to Madridejos is roughly two hours. Please also note that the inter-town transportation in Bantayan island is usually only until 6PM.

We also took time to go around the town of Bantayan, where we visited the church of Sts. Peter and Paul, and a few old buildings around the plaza. The existing structures around the area are said to be made of stones and corals, and built around 1800s.

Back to the beach-bumming activity, we also went to a separate island called Virgin beach. The island is said to be privately owned, hence a fee is needed to be settled before enjoying the island. We enjoyed the water in this island, as it is very clear and free from jelly fish (we spotted a few of them in our resort’s beach, though their number is tolerable and you’ll just feel the itch). We enjoyed the water so much we got burned lol.

There, that’s how we enjoyed our Bantayan island trip. Cebu is more like a city and I think what made our trip even better is the delicious food. When in Cebu, don’t forget their famous daing, chicharon, and of course lechon. For this awesome Cebu trip, I made a short video to summarize the entire experience.