Friends Are For Keeps

Christmas has never been meaningful to me until this year. It’s not about the gifts, the parties, not even the food which made this time of the year remarkable (though all of these are certainly wonderful). What made this year’s Christmas special: My realization that friends are truly one of the most wonderful thing one could ever have in this world.


I am a self-proclaimed Christmas Grinch since, well, I don’t remember when. This is one of the annual celebrations I faithfully wish to skip if possible. Why? Because it’s vomitingly overrated.

I know that Christmas is one of the most important celebrations of the religion I believe in. Maybe some are already getting their gigantic forks ready to spear me and burn me to hell with my remark “Christmas is vomitingly overrated.” But why is it overrated for me? Because most people treat it as feast and feast alone – No meanings (aside of course that Jesus was born), just feast. Ask some people why they like Christmas, first thing one could say would be because of food overload. Next might probably be the Christmas bonus. Next might be the gifts, and so on for the material and uber shallow stuff. But how many people would answer something about togetherness, or as simple as because it’s one of those perfect moments to realize something in life? And there it is, I became a Christmas Grinch, and that’s sad and annoying.

This Christmas, although I am not so liking it, I had one of the greatest realizations ever. I know it sounds corny and over-acting. But really, I am very thankful to realize how important friends are and how fortunate I am to have such friends. All of them. Interesting thing about this whole realization: I realized it during a party. in a bar. Nice.

This year, I realized how friends will stand by you whatever it is you are into. Friends will be there for you through thick and thin (may that be figuratively, literally, or physical-wise. haha). Friends will stay by your side even you think you are the most useless person on earth. Friends will try their best to keep you sane during your near-death-oh-so-depressing thoughts. Friends will look for you whenever you are missing (like “missing” – literally). Friends will gladly listen and give you the most honest advise you could get on your no-solution problem, even if you have told the same no-solution problem over and over. And the best part of it all, friends won’t give you something big to expect and later on have something to be disappointed at. God knows how many more reasons why its’s best to love your friends, and I am very glad I have found some of those reasons this year. That is the best gift I received this Christmas (even if I am Grinch-ing it, thank God).

To all my friends, I love you. Like really. I’ll forever be thankful to have you guys. You are all the best bunch of people a person could ever have. Thank you for the fun year – party nights, random coffee nights (and dawns), cheap and pricey dinner (or breakfast), and all the priceless memories. Okay this might sound so cheesy already, but I love you all (I hope I made myself clear enough on how I love all of you) and thank you from the bottom of my heart (surprise, I have a heart! Chosz). Seriously. xoxo


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