Month: November 2012

Finally, Enchanted Kingdom!

It may be a late post, but I won’t let this experience miss my blog. Ladies and gentlemen, congratulate me for my first ever Enchanted Kingdom experience. Finally, I’m not that loser anymore. Ha!

Enchanted Kingdom theme park opened its gates to the public in 1995 (I got that from their website), and here I am experiencing the fun  almost two decades later. Yea, I know, where in the world I am. We arrived at the park close to noon time and the lines were very long. The sun is really up, making that day very humid. Throughout the day we felt like a factory of glue, but nothing stopped us – we enjoyed every activity in the park.  I must say, this is one of the best weekend I’ve ever had. I love my friends. Here are some snaps. Enjoy!

Eldar welcomes Enchanted Kingdom guests


Lines. Lots of it.


After waiting for tickets. Finally inside EK.


Happy kid


Famous EK avenue


Fifth avenue books


A wild ride, baby. Space Shuttle


Colorful prizes for mini-games


What to do during a long wait in line? Take pictures.


Jungle Log Jam


Wheel of Fate


Rio Grande Rapids face.


More rides! Nah, I just don’t know the name of this thing. lol


Grand carousel


Hey there, horsey!


Buhbye EK. See you next time!


My EK buddies. Yey!