Month: August 2012

Birthday Month in Boracay Island

I’m back in the blogosphere, and there are two reasons to celebrate my comeback with a blog post. (1) I know for a fact that I’m waaaaay better now, and (2) I want to share my milestone birthday month escapade.

Three days, two nights – I spent that long in Boracay Island, one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines. The weather was confusing as a lost homosexual adolescent, but my vacation turned out to be a blast. Say who I traveled with going to the island? No one. My friends don’t believe me whenever I say I really went there alone. Next thing I’ll hear: Weh? (a slang expression in the Philippines stating disbelief, or used the same as Really? Are you kidding me?). Though backpacking alone was a challenge, I can say it’s one of the best vacations I ever had.  For me, I feel like it’s both fun and an accomplishment. Here are some of my snaps.

‘Twas a sunny day, but I find this camera setting cool. 🙂

Boat ride to Boracay Island

I arrived in Boracay Island at 12 noon, and check-in on the hotel is 2 PM. However, One Azul Boracay’s staff was so considerate and let me check in early at 1PM. With that, I walk along the shore first, take a few snaps and find something to eat.

One of my first snaps of the island. Willy’s Rock

Skim boards for rent!

Paraw sailing

Finally, I’m inside my room. And I was so amazed with how my room looks like. Clean, cool, posh and comfy. Not to mention, the property has a very accommodating and polite staff. One Azul Boracay is the best! A highly recommended place to stay.

My room in Boracay.

Room 303

Flat screen TV in my room! Sweet! Watching Adventure Time!

After taking a few time to rest in my room, I went out to do some water activities.

Helmet diving

Parasailing. Spell FUN!

More snaps of Boracay Island fun!

Beach volleyball!

Couples enjoying the Boracay sunset

Father and son love

More paraws

Boracay Island sunset

This kid says he drew a big dragon!

Amazing band at Pat’s Creek Boracay.

Friends from Switzerland! Morgan, Emily, and Caroline. With staff from Pat’s Creek.

I recommend you to visit the island. The people here are nice, moreover the nightlife is an amazing thing here. Party in Boracay is one hell of an experience.

Till the next escapade!