Padre Burgos, Quezon Province

Padre Burgos beach front during low tide.

Adventure weekend strikes again! This time, my friends and I went to Padre Burgos, Quezon.

Hilltop view. Still during low tide.

Padre burgos is an hour ride from Lucena Grand Terminal. From Manila, we took a bus going to Lucena. Manila to Lucena is supposedly 3-hour ride only, but due to multiple road constructions, our trip went on for 4 – 5 hours.

Cow smelling flowers.

Sunset. (Photo c/o my friend Marella)

Planning to go to Padre Burgos means planning to island hop. Travelers would enjoy the trip there if they intend to visit its nearby islands. Three islands we visited are Borawan, Kuwebang Lampas, and Dampalitan.

Borawan beach

Borawan rocks (Photo c/o my friend Marella)

Kuwebang Lampas


Food fest! Lunch at Dampalitan

One thing I love on our trip aside from the place, was the people. People there are friendly and warm. They know how to provide good quality of service to tourists. Two thumbs up for standing by the Department of Tourism’s tagline : It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Meet our local friends. (Photo c/o my friend Casey)

My Padre Burgos buds 🙂

More adventures to come! Little break on the Lenten season, but next months will be full of great and priceless trips.


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