Mango Camp, Zambales

A couple of lies and adventure. That’s what last weekend was about.

Palma Hall. Meeting place in UPD

I went to Cabangan, Zambales and spent quality time with my friends, myself, and some of my friend’s students. Yes, I joined my friend’s class field trip in Mango Camp.

Mango Camp (Cabangan, Zambales)

The whole trip was fun. Basically, most of the activities on the trip was something fresh to me. I tried riding an ATV, obstacle run, airsoft target shooting, and (believe it or not) sumo wrestling. We planned to try wall climbing and paint ball, however we were so drunk the first night we were not able to wake up early. Bummer.



Obstacle course



The beach

After doing the camp activities the first day, My friends and I were able to spend little time by the beach the second day. It feels liberating. Yes, I am using the word liberating because I can’t think of any other word to describe how happy and free I felt with the waves, sea, sun, and sand. That moment gave me happiness that lasted a while. Nice.

Going home

I really hope to go out again soon. Somehow, it’s making me forget how hard some things are going on for me. Hopefully, I’ll be going to another beautiful place two weeks from now. Cross fingers!



  1. Great adventure you had! I’ll be going to Zambales, Philippines by the end of February too, and will check out the Mango Camp!

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