Do The Doodle With Sketcher App

It’s been centuries since I last posted something on this blog. It’s kinda frustrating to have a blog but not able to keep it updated – it’s like making a whole lot of nonsense. Good thing I have found myself a good app to feature on my somewhat-comeback-post.

Recently, I have downloaded an app called “Sketcher”. The app lets its user to draw freehand doodles. Aside form that, the app saves its user from boredom (the greatest catch of this thing. Ha!). The entire screen of your Android mobile could be your canvas in an instant.

The app features different effects on doodling. It comes with an interchangeable brushes to create cool and visually appealing sketches. Here are some of my very  amateur looking doodles using the “Sketcher” app.

Trial sketch


Doodle of myself


Latest doodle / My personal mascot

There you go. So far these are what I have. I will post some more once I am able to do more sketches. Enjoy the week ahead!


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