Yes Or No Thai Film

This is my third time to watch this movie. First is its first half,  second is its second half, then the third is the full blast watching. This is because my work schedule sucks, and maybe because I also loved the movie.

In over a week I kept on watching, researching, and looking for clips of this Thai movie titled Yes or No (… So I Love You). It caught my interest because of its braveness. It is said to be the first lesbian-themed movie shown in Thai commercial theaters.

Based on the interviews, the casts and the production team claims that the responses on their film is positive. I was quite hesitant on the claims at first, but when I searched more videos on YouTube, the comments proved me wrong. Fans from different parts of the world are supporting the movie. Surprisingly some are even claiming they are not gay or lesbian, moreover they are straight, but end up liking the movie. I guess it is because of one idea that was presented perfectly in the film – Love is boundless.

I am not sure if it’s just me, but I saw the film as a fun-to-watch love story. I love to think that this movie gave the viewers the feel of paying attention on the presence of growing appreciation and love between two people (How they started hating each other, how they learn to give chance on knowing each other more, and how they grow together as a person), rather than focusing on the idea of plain lesbian love. If the film’s objective is to show other people that “Love has no boundaries, and it doesn’t depend on gender”, I think this movie got their point, and had it marked.

I loved the movie big time. Though I hoped of seeing a film with a deeper conflict, I think this movie is brewed perfectly for a first commercial lesbian/gay-themed film in Thailand. Yes or No is made for everyone to understand how real love happens and grows between two persons, regardless if they are both of the same gender or not.


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