Month: September 2011

Yes Or No Thai Film

This is my third time to watch this movie. First is its first half,  second is its second half, then the third is the full blast watching. This is because my work schedule sucks, and maybe because I also loved the movie.

In over a week I kept on watching, researching, and looking for clips of this Thai movie titled Yes or No (… So I Love You). It caught my interest because of its braveness. It is said to be the first lesbian-themed movie shown in Thai commercial theaters.

Based on the interviews, the casts and the production team claims that the responses on their film is positive. I was quite hesitant on the claims at first, but when I searched more videos on YouTube, the comments proved me wrong. Fans from different parts of the world are supporting the movie. Surprisingly some are even claiming they are not gay or lesbian, moreover they are straight, but end up liking the movie. I guess it is because of one idea that was presented perfectly in the film – Love is boundless.

I am not sure if it’s just me, but I saw the film as a fun-to-watch love story. I love to think that this movie gave the viewers the feel of paying attention on the presence of growing appreciation and love between two people (How they started hating each other, how they learn to give chance on knowing each other more, and how they grow together as a person), rather than focusing on the idea of plain lesbian love. If the film’s objective is to show other people that “Love has no boundaries, and it doesn’t depend on gender”, I think this movie got their point, and had it marked.

I loved the movie big time. Though I hoped of seeing a film with a deeper conflict, I think this movie is brewed perfectly for a first commercial lesbian/gay-themed film in Thailand. Yes or No is made for everyone to understand how real love happens and grows between two persons, regardless if they are both of the same gender or not.

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2011

 Video from YouTube’s bjhernandez

It’s back to back to black. Thank you very much Madonna. ❤

Last Saturday was a blast for all the university students, and to not-so-much-of-a student (like me), as the UAAP Cheerdance competition took place in the Big Dome. Like the past years, the scenario of long lines, campings, line cutters, and high ticket prices from “fixers” never changed – These, for the love of school spirit.

Since I came from University of the Philippines (UP), some of my friends and I went to see the event live. We always do it every year, specially that UP is aiming to defend its crown from the last two year’s competition. This is my third time to watch them live, but I always do watch the show before on TV.

Let me share some of my snaps, and I am sorry this is the best seat I could get (thanks to Beans for my tickets!). Believe me, the tickets are just like love… It’s hard to get. Chos. 🙂

Of course in every competition, there are winners.

Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad for bagging the title once again! Your UP fans are hoping for another title next year, and and swag-er performance. Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!

BTW, obviously I was not able to take photos of the UP Pep Squad. That’s because I am too busy cheering for them, okay? Sarreh! 🙂

The Google Office

It’s been quite a while since I last posted something here on my blog. With that, let me just share to all of you one of my greatest frustrations in life.

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be an engineer, Computer Engineer to be exact. Electrical circuits, technology, and computers never fails to excite me when I was a kid. However, there was a sudden change of circumstance when I reached College – I took Communication as a degree.

During the time when I was still lost in my life plans, I told myself that maybe I was destined to take this new path. And so I accepted the reality. I also thought that maybe there will still be a slightest hint of chance for me to work on this AMAZING workplace – in the Google office. You know, Just maybe.

I know you love to be in there too. Well, let’s hope to see each other there in time… Hopefully.