iLuminate! Light Yourself Up!

I have been spending my rest day surfing the internet because of bad weather. Good thing, I am still enjoying it up to this hour, and I hope boredom won’t strike me. I guess, I won’t get bored until I watch the last video I could find in the internet showcasing the new dance technique I discovered. It’s said to be called Luminography.

I am not sure if you guys notice that I love watching videos and performances which has creative choreography and dance techniques. Though I am not that of a good dancer (because I haven’t try dancing in front of many people. Fine, just once), I find this new dance technique very entertaining and mind-blowingly creative. Ladies and gentlemen, the iLuminate.

With the sick choreography, cool dance steps, and astounding lighting program, the performance looked very modern and new. Some artists are also getting to the vibe and including this on their performances – There’s Chris Brown and Black Eyed Peas, and Death Cab for Cutie.

I really hope to see more of iLuminate’s technology. I love how original the idea is, and how cool the result it delivers. More power and success to the people behind iLuminate!


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