Month: July 2011

Cinemalaya 2011

It’s the Cinemalaya season once again, and numerous must-watch films are up for this year. The greatest thing is that the continuous support of the people to these indie films are still there (talk about the sold out tickets of most of the films).

After the preliminary showing of all the featured films (which started July 16), the winners of this year’s competition has been unveiled. Some of the films which bagged most of the awards from their respective categories are Ang Babae sa Septic Tank, Niño, Walang Katapusang Kwarto, Busong and Bisperas. For the complete list of winners of Cinemalaya 2011, you can click here.

Screenings of selected Cinemalaya films are still being held in Greenbelt and in UP Film Institute. If you have time, I suggest you go there and watch some of the festival’s featured films. Just think about this: It’s not everyday we get to see deep, substantial, and socially aware films such as these. To entice you more, here are some teasers of Cinemalaya featured films.

Side note: I hated this, but the only film I was able to watch here is Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa, which is good by the way. I also love actors’ performance on this film.

Side note (again): I saw the taping of Amok while I am on my way going to work. When I passed by, I thought there was a real accident that happened (because of countless spectators / usisero). Turned out, there’s a camera present at the scene.

There you go! Congratulations to Cinemalaya organizing commitee for another successful year of holding this festival. More power, and I am really looking forward for next year’s featured film!

Realizing in Just A Kiss

Alright. So I am thinking of posting something random today – Like… posting my favorite song these past few days. I’ve heard this song quite long ago, but it didn’t took my senses, until earlier (yes, earlier meaning during my travel going home). Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum is just an epic song for those who are in a deep coma on a disease called love. I am not saying I belong to that group, I am definitely not. But I find it just EPIC.

Going back to my going home realization earlier, I tried to absorb the lyrics of the song very well. Sure enough, upon understanding  the lyrics of the song, I realized that it’s not a typical mushy song for happy couple. I am not sure if it’s the depth of the melody and the tune that made the song more capturing, but it really made me feel I am loving someone, even if I don’t have anyone to love romantically. You know what I mean? Yeah right, whatever.

Maybe I am just being too sentimental and all, but yeah there it is. I am just sharing some realizations and insights on Lady Antebellum’s new single. I also loved their other single, Need You Now. It’s just a hit to me so I am sharing it with you now. Enjoy!

HTC Wildfire S

I had so many things to do this week off. Good thing is it’s not a work-related stuff. My busyness has something to do with my new gadget. It’s the HTC Wildfire S.

So far, I am loving this piece of technology. I like the Facebook and Twitter connectivity feature with friends, the latest Android OS it has, and most specially the HTC Sense. For me, the HTC Sense technology is one of the brilliant ideas ever created.

That’s what I have to say now. Gotta install more apps on this gadget. ‘Till next time!