Shake Shake Fries to Infinity!

McDonald's Shake Shake Fries Combo (from Google images)

Yesterday, I thought of getting my favorite Shake Shake Fries in McDonald’s. It’s kinda raining hard but I still went out to do some errands and to eat that freaking meal (actually, the eating part convinced me of going out). I was able to satisfy my craving, and was happy about it. Today, I am feeling again that urge to pick up the phone and call the delivery hotline of McDonald’s… only to order that Shake Shake Fries – Cheese.

I am not really sure what McDonald’s has on this fries that made me this addicted. I even tried the competitor’s copycat product (because of too much craving), but it’s just not the same as the Shake Shake Fries. McDonald’s version of flavored fries is more flavorful and crispy – Obviously waaaay better than the competitor’s product.

You might be wondering why I am writing about some fast food product called Shake Shake Fries. The reason: because I am a fan of this product (obviously), it’s one of my comfort foods, and I want it available all the time here in the Philippines – meaning, I am hoping McDonald’s will make it available all the time, and not during Kung Fu Panda premieres only. So, calling all McDonald’s bosses, please make Shake Shake Fries a main stay on your menu.

Today, even I am starving to eat those fries, I decided to control myself from ordering it. Let’s also remember that being moderate on everything we eat or consume will always be the best option for our well being. So I am not going to eat one today, maybe I’ll just order it tomorrow (kidding!).


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