DJ Max Technika 2 Experience

DJ Max Technika 2 (photo from Wikipedia)

Earlier today, I decided to go to the mall to unwind. My plan is to stroll around the mall, play in an arcade arena, and eat a favorite combo meal in a fast food chain. I was able to eat my favorite fast food combo meal, but was not able to stroll around the mall. Little did I know, I spent most of my time playing at the arcade arena – The suspect: DJ Max Technika 2.

I am not sure if this is already a favorite to most people (and I am the only one not knowing it), nevertheless I enjoyed playing it. I don’t care if people are staring at me while playing the machine and end up failing a stage, that’s how much I had fun playing the game.

The machine is composed of two LCD screens (just like in Nintendo DS), and one of it is touch-screen. The game is simple: The player will have to tap the buttons appearing on the screen the same time the moving line pass by it. Here’s a video of the game, and how it is played. I got this only from YouTube, because I was not able to capture myself playing this game (Yes, I was ‘loner’ earlier. LOL).

Actually, I am planning to go to the arcade arena early the next time, so I could play this machine more. Most of the arcade players come late afternoon, after school and office hours (Good thing my work shift is in the evening, and my free time is in the morning. Hah!). Obviously, I got addicted to the game – to the point of strategizing my playing time.

I definitely guarantee that playing this game is worth your money. I swear. Try it!


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