Month: June 2011

Jar of Hearts Cover

I guess i’ts been a while since I last posted a karaoke cover (or AKA: self-serving post). I’ve been listening to few favorites earlier and picked one song that’s making me sing with it. Everyone, presenting: Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.

I was able to watch the video of this and was inspired to listen to it even more. And now, tada! Here I am, making a karaoke cover of the song.

I hope you guys will like it. I know it’s noisy and very amateur, please forgive me. It’s just my past-time. At least you were able to catch a debut of this single. Oha! LOL 🙂

Thanks for sparing some of your time, and for dropping by my site. Enjoy the rest of the day!

Shake Shake Fries to Infinity!

McDonald's Shake Shake Fries Combo (from Google images)

Yesterday, I thought of getting my favorite Shake Shake Fries in McDonald’s. It’s kinda raining hard but I still went out to do some errands and to eat that freaking meal (actually, the eating part convinced me of going out). I was able to satisfy my craving, and was happy about it. Today, I am feeling again that urge to pick up the phone and call the delivery hotline of McDonald’s… only to order that Shake Shake Fries – Cheese.

I am not really sure what McDonald’s has on this fries that made me this addicted. I even tried the competitor’s copycat product (because of too much craving), but it’s just not the same as the Shake Shake Fries. McDonald’s version of flavored fries is more flavorful and crispy – Obviously waaaay better than the competitor’s product.

You might be wondering why I am writing about some fast food product called Shake Shake Fries. The reason: because I am a fan of this product (obviously), it’s one of my comfort foods, and I want it available all the time here in the Philippines – meaning, I am hoping McDonald’s will make it available all the time, and not during Kung Fu Panda premieres only. So, calling all McDonald’s bosses, please make Shake Shake Fries a main stay on your menu.

Today, even I am starving to eat those fries, I decided to control myself from ordering it. Let’s also remember that being moderate on everything we eat or consume will always be the best option for our well being. So I am not going to eat one today, maybe I’ll just order it tomorrow (kidding!).

DJ Max Technika 2 Experience

DJ Max Technika 2 (photo from Wikipedia)

Earlier today, I decided to go to the mall to unwind. My plan is to stroll around the mall, play in an arcade arena, and eat a favorite combo meal in a fast food chain. I was able to eat my favorite fast food combo meal, but was not able to stroll around the mall. Little did I know, I spent most of my time playing at the arcade arena – The suspect: DJ Max Technika 2.

I am not sure if this is already a favorite to most people (and I am the only one not knowing it), nevertheless I enjoyed playing it. I don’t care if people are staring at me while playing the machine and end up failing a stage, that’s how much I had fun playing the game.

The machine is composed of two LCD screens (just like in Nintendo DS), and one of it is touch-screen. The game is simple: The player will have to tap the buttons appearing on the screen the same time the moving line pass by it. Here’s a video of the game, and how it is played. I got this only from YouTube, because I was not able to capture myself playing this game (Yes, I was ‘loner’ earlier. LOL).

Actually, I am planning to go to the arcade arena early the next time, so I could play this machine more. Most of the arcade players come late afternoon, after school and office hours (Good thing my work shift is in the evening, and my free time is in the morning. Hah!). Obviously, I got addicted to the game – to the point of strategizing my playing time.

I definitely guarantee that playing this game is worth your money. I swear. Try it!

Juan Kissed the Chocolate in the Cocina

Today, I am posting another food trip adventure with my friends. It’s been a while since this adventure took place – this time it’s done entirely in Quezon City.

We visited Cocina Juan in the food-famous street, Maginhawa street. The food and the serving is awesome, plus it’s not too expensive. If you feel like eating South American cuisine, this is one of the best place to be. Most of their dishes are flavored with lemon – from pasta, to sizzlings, to grilled. You will first think it’s kinda weird, but really it’s delish.

After we ate our main meals at Cocina Juan, we decided to visit a famous cafe for cakes and sweets – The Chocolate Kiss. The shop we visited is the one in Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman.

My friends and I ordered different cakes for us to compare, and to know which one is the best. The cakes there are sinful – specially their chocolate-based cakes. I am a Dark Chocolate addict, and I totally love the Double Chocolate something*I forgot the name of the cake I ordered, sorry*. I love the exact taste of sweetness of their cakes – not too sweet, not too dull. So I guess, most of us agreed that my cake is the best cake we tasted from that batch we ordered.

Anyway, here are some snaps from our food trip. Have fun!

At Cocina Juan

Some art pieces at Cocina Juan

Cocina Juan's Potato wedges

One of Cocina Juan's pastas

Cocina Juan's Grilled Chicken

Cocina Juan's Grilled Chops

The Chocolate Kiss. Tsup! 🙂

Double Chocolate something. I forgot, sorry.

Another cake from The Chocolate Kiss

Talipanan, Puerto Galera

While my Mario Maurer blog entry continues to bring more online viewers, I decided to spend my last summer days with my former officemates in Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Philippines!

It may not be a sunny vacation on the beach, but I am still thankful to have an enjoying trip with these folks. We did a lot of crazy and stupid stuff, and completely lost ourselves for two days. For me, the experience was a very supreme form of freedom. Haha!

Our vacation in Talipanan was not much of a party vacation – It’s more of relaxation and unwinding. We played games, talked a lot of fun stuff, gossiped a lot of people, and we even gave names to some body parts –  specially the body part which is composed of pairs or twins (got a good idea now?) LOL! Here are some of the snaps I took during the trip. Hope you’ll like it!

Shores of Talipanan, Puerto Galera


London, the swimming dog


Talipanan rocks


Another snap of Talipanan rocks


That's me, bumming around


The group in Talipanan, Puerto Galera