Shove That Food… All In A Day

My rest day yesterday was a blast. My friends and I went to different sides of the metro to food-hop! Let me share our itinerary. Time started 10.30AM, time ended 8.00PM. Yummeh!

First, we went to the crave-worth chicken, BonChon Chicken (Ayala Triangle). We ordered the large serving (6 drumsticks, and 12 wings) with two orders of rice each. We shoved all the chicks in our mouth, down to our hungry tummies. O yeah!

Next, we went strolling around Makati City’s avenues to get our digestive systems working. As we reached Glorietta, we went to Starbucks to get some caffeine in our system. Talks, laughs and more also included.

After the coffee session, we went to Eton Centris in Quezon City to check out LazerTag. However, we find it a little expensive and decided to try it next time. We seriously thought of going home already, but thought about a place we could still visit to eat (again) at a cheap price. It was then we went to UP Campus to eat tusok-tusok.

20 isaw manok (chicken intestines), 20 isaw baboy (pork intestines), and 4 balun-balunan (gizzard). Total tusok-tusok eaten: 44 sticks for the four of us. Good thing, we are still alive with all the cholesterol in our system. Yey!

It was really an amazing and satisfying experience. I swear. I am sharing some snaps to you guys. Whew, mouth-watering! Really hope this will happen again soon.


The best chicken, BonChon Chicken


Walking session after eating lots of chicken


Coffee session at Sbucks Glorietta


While asking ourselves : Go home, or not to go home? (Eton Centris)


Sticks up!


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