See You at the Airport

It’s been a while since my last post. That means I am busy again, and that also means I am employed again! Weee!

Maybe some of you are wondering what might be my new job (…since I opened this topic. Duh, obviously). Well, I am now gonna start to look like a very respectful professional (hopefully) in one of the most busy places – the airport. Yup! from now on, I am going to be a member of Bureau of Customs. And I am now a government employee. Nice!

So, I’ve been undergoing a training right now (with my co-newbies) about some duties and taxes stuff. Basically I will be doing the duty of inspecting and assessing the dutiable values of imported products carried by the visiting passengers.

I am actually feeling a little anxious, but excited at the same time. I think that’s better than feeling anxious at all. The responsibility on this job might sound simple, but the truth is it’s really huge – Specially spotting those items categorized as prohibited to enter the Philippines.

Well, I just really hope everything will turn out great. Good luck to me, and good speed to all the Filipinos out there.


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