Month: March 2011

My Earth Hour Activity

As we all know, last night was Earth Hour. For those who are not aware of it, it’s an event when we remind ourselves to save energy (to make a difference in saving mother earth), by switching off our lights for 1 hour. I am not sure when this thing started, but it happens every year. This is my first time to participate on this activity.

Since the lights are off, I decided to do some sort of experiment (or “self-absorbed activity” if you wanna call it that. Haha!) during the “switch-off hour.” I took some photos of my room and myself with the lights switched off. So the only source of light in these photos is the built in camera flash. Of course, with some help of Adobe Photoshop, the photos looked better. Let me share some snaps with you.

Alright! That’s it folks. Thank you for all those who joined the Earth Hour. Of course, this cause can also be done whenever and wherever. The more we practice energy conservation, the better. For those who were not able to participate this year, don’t worry, maybe you could join next year.

Let’s all give Mother Earth a helping hand.

Little Monster in Me

Earlier today, I’ve come across an article on a newspaper about a baller ID and Lady Gaga. The band says “We pray for Japan” with the monster paw signature of Gaga. These wristbands are made to raise funds for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As I finished reading the article, I realized something that made me feel proud as Gaga’s Little Monster.

Obviously, I am a fan of Lady Gaga. I might not be the biggest fan of her, but I am always a fan. I am sure a lot of Little Monsters out there will be claiming that they are Gaga’s #1 fan – Don’t worry, I won’t argue with that for a couple of reasons.

I don’t have her posters, and her complete album. I am even having a hard time remembering her real name and birthday. I haven’t even saw her perform while she’s here in the Philippines because I am out of  the country for a business trip. But behind all these, I can say I am a fan because I appreciate almost everything she does – That’s what a “fan” is for me.

Lady Gaga is more than a music icon and an artist, she is also a great advocate for everyone who needs to have a voice. The best thing I love about her is her attitude towards those people bashing her non-stop. I like how she ignores all the bad vibes and continue to live life happily and keep herself inspired with the support of her fans. I know how superhero-ish this thing might sound, but hey, read the articles and news about her and see how most of it translates to what I’m saying above.

So by this time you might be wondering what the hell are you reading. To answer your question, yes this is plainly a blog entry describing how I love Lady Gaga – not only her image being an artist, but also as a socially-concerned advocate. I like her the way she is now, and I really hope more people will realize that – more than seeing her as another gay icon, or someone who has weird fashion statement.

Casey Abrams Strikes Again!

After a couple of mishaps and anger management yesternight and today, I got myself a dose of American Idol to calm down my self. I’ve been confessing my favorite idol on AI on my past posts, and again he proved that I am a deserving fan of his. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Casey Abrams.

What I love about this guy is the consistency on his level of performances. For me, watching him through the course of this season makes me feel I am doing some sort of vice. I kept on waiting for his performance and how better it will turn out compared from the last time. And let me just say, the “keeps on getting better” thing is always there… unbelievably consistent.

Of course, the excitement of watching Idol will not be complete without the amazing talents they found this year. I’ve never been a fan of this show until Adam Lambert’s season (again a great talent). I guess the showcase of talents and variety of voices is what keeps the show holding on stronger. I really hope for the success of this show for the entire season, and looking forward for more surprises and excitement.

As for now, I’ll be rooting for my favorite Casey Abrams! Woohoo! Keep the good vibes coming, yo!

Japan Earthquake

As we all heard over the news, Japan was hit by one of the strongest earthquake in the world. After an earthquake, a tsunami hit, and a nuclear power plant exploded. These happenings keeps on coming, and I really hope nothing much worse will happen.

View the Nuclear power plant explosion report here.

Since the Philippines belongs to the “ring of fire,” some of the Filipinos are also getting worried about the consecutive earthquakes rocking one country after the other. Not to mention, the Philippines is also a country surrounded by water, which means the land is also “not-that-safe” from tsunamis. Anything could happen, and being ready and prayer might be the only hope we could count on right now.

I really hope everybody will be safe – Filipinos, Asian brothers and sisters, friends from the different parts of the world. Let’s hope for the best.

See You at the Airport

It’s been a while since my last post. That means I am busy again, and that also means I am employed again! Weee!

Maybe some of you are wondering what might be my new job (…since I opened this topic. Duh, obviously). Well, I am now gonna start to look like a very respectful professional (hopefully) in one of the most busy places – the airport. Yup! from now on, I am going to be a member of Bureau of Customs. And I am now a government employee. Nice!

So, I’ve been undergoing a training right now (with my co-newbies) about some duties and taxes stuff. Basically I will be doing the duty of inspecting and assessing the dutiable values of imported products carried by the visiting passengers.

I am actually feeling a little anxious, but excited at the same time. I think that’s better than feeling anxious at all. The responsibility on this job might sound simple, but the truth is it’s really huge – Specially spotting those items categorized as prohibited to enter the Philippines.

Well, I just really hope everything will turn out great. Good luck to me, and good speed to all the Filipinos out there.