My Top Three Idol Favorites

Just watched American Idol’s Hollywood episode, and let me say that I have my early favorites now! Oh yea, I have narrowed my choices down to three already.

Of course my top 3 idols are plainly based on my biases – the kind of music I enjoy, the quality of voice, the stage presence, etc. I know at this early stage, all the AI fans also have their own favorites, specially those who are residing in the USA. It is expected that those participants who are representing their respective state are expected to be the favorite of their fellow statesmen. But no rules are saying you will only stick to that, right? Well, it’s up to them. I am here, an AI fan from the Asia-Pacific country, the Philippines.

Alright, here are my top 3 favorites.

Casey Abrams

Who could ever forget this man who looks like Fraggle Rock? (Kidding) No, seriously this young man got an unbelievable talent. Aside from playing that piano-blowing instrument (I don’t know how it’s called) well, he knows how to blow his audience away with his smooth, husky, and powerful voice. Not to mention, he got the stage vibes as well and a very down-to-earth attitude. Very nice!

Brett Loewenstern

Aside from the quality of voice, I love his fluffy hair. I mean, yeah it’s just a hair, but it adds up to his whole “artist package,” isn’t? Then by the time he opens his mouth to sing… now that’s what you call a voice with personality. I noticed though that he has this attitude to “sort of breathe a note” on every line he sings, which doesn’t sound that good for me. I hope he gets better as the AI continues.

Thia Megia

The only rose among the thorns, and a proud Pinay among my favorites. This little girl has her own style. I love the vibrato in her voice, and basically the way she sings. I recently found out that she also joined America’s Got Talent previously. I hope she goes further in AI. Definitely, her AGT experience made her better for this competition.

So there it is. I really hope this guys (and bunch of teens) will go far in Idol. Of course, at this early stage, there will be a lot of developments and unexpected situations might arise. But as of now, I will be rooting for them. Let’s get it on!

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