The new Spider-Man

Alright. So I promised to blog about the new Spider-Man on my Twitter, and I want to keep my promise… And of course, a simple thought about Andrew Garfield’s new character is always good, right?

Anyway, for those who haven’t seen the very first Spider-Man photo of Andrew Garfield, here it is.

For me, generally the costume looks good – waaay better from Toby Maguire’s era. Okay back to Garfield (not the costume). He actually looks great. I mean, his image can suit Peter Parker’s (aka Spider-Man) characteristics and personality. We did all see how he portrayed a guy working with the geeks in “The Social Network”, and I must say that it was good. He also has the good looks, and the endless screams of fan girls (yes, he has that after The Social Network).

I guess what would really make this re-make (or alternative story) of Spider-Man successful is its story. Sure it’s important to have the right casts and actors, etc. but I think the story will always be the deciding point specially for the hard core fans. Thinking that a Spider-Man movie was made not so long ago, will definitely urge the watchers to compare which version is better. This, in my opinion, is the greatest challenge for the new Spider-Man.

Definitely, I will watch this movie when it’s out in the theaters. I really hope all success to this project / production. In the end, we all want to have a good re-storytelling of Peter Parker’s adventure as Spider-Man.


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