Thai-movie wishlist

Alright. So I was lurking on different websites today and found some interesting Thai films I am dying to watch (hard thing: I don’t know where and how can I get a copy, with English subs of course). FYI: I am not Thai, I am a Filipino. But I have this belief that Thai movies are very good.

Anyway, so here’s a set of Thai-movie trailers which got my interest.

First up, Hello Stranger. Basically, the trailer tells the viewers about a story of two strangers who met on a foreign land (and a rom-com film). Judging from the trailer itself, looks like a fun movie to watch.

Next: Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Another fun movie to watch, though this is more of a teen-oriented love story. It’s a story of a not-so-beautiful girl getting the attention of a very good-looking, popular guy. As time flies, the girl went from being a not-so-beautiful to a beautiful girl. Just as the girl’s apprearance, people and situations also changed.

Next Picture: Love of Siam. This is the serious movie on my list. Just watch it. Looks like the storyline is good – the main reason why I get so interested to watch it.

One last: Yes or No. Let’s just say, it’s a typical story of a rom-com. Only that, it involves two girls (well at least the other one is referred to as a tom-girl). This kind of film is not really being created here in the Philippines – reason which made me so into it. A fun, new/fresh (for a Filipino like me), and a gender-sensitive film it is!

There you go. I will try to look for more trailers on the web and share it with you, guys. Now, if you know any link or portal I can visit to watch these, please let me know. That’s it! Tusch. Salamat!


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