Month: January 2011

Zuckerberg Overload at SNL

Most probably you already saw the Zuckerberg overload on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Basically Jesse Eisenberg, Andy Samberg and the real Mark Zuckerberg were ALL together in a short skit on the famous comedy and parody show. The result? Watch it for yourself.

I know. First reaction you’ll have is: Awkward. Same here. This set-up can never get more more awkward than anything else. Though, I appreciate Mark Zuckerberg’s cool side, as he responds “Interesting” after he was asked on how he thinks about the movie The Social Network. As what we all know, the movie depicted a not-so-good side of Mark Zuckerberg (portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg). Now we are talking!

Well, I am very happy that they all met each other finally! I hope they had a great time getting to know each other at the back stage. Sounds awkward.

To end this, there’s one thing I think, I could advise the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg: Stick to the CEO thing. I am loving you being the Man behind Facebook, man. Really.

Intramuros Experience

My friends and I went to Intramuros yesterday, to get our dose of Philippine History. Well…We really intend to ride the ferry in Pasig River, but it is under assessment at the moment and we we’re not able to experience it. Epic fail.

Good thing, we made other plans like going to the “Walled City” (Intramuros), and dining out for dinner later in the day. Anyway, I would just want to share some snaps from our yesterday’s foot-tiring, but fun adventure. Yes, we did it only by foot.


Manila CBD from Walled City


Intramuros architecture


DOLE building


Manila Cathedral


Me taking photos (c/o my friend, Patricia)


Manila Post Office (c/o Patricia)


No ferry. Epic fail.

Alright. That’s it. Hopefully, the next time we will plan to go Manila, we will be able to get on a ferry. Just for experience.

Persian Grill and Cafe Breton

My friends and I got a taste of Persian and French last night. I am talking about food.

To cap it all, the food is a blast. Flavorful dishes and desserts, plus a good resto ambiance. Smells like a sweet date night with friends. Here, allow me to share some snaps of last night’s adventure.

Sizzling ox brain. Anyone?

Chicken and beef kebab

Persian lights. Maybe?

Caramel coffee legoise

All-time favorite crepe

Alright. If you want to visit and have a bit of these food, everything is located in SM North Edsa and TriNoma in Quezon City, Philippines.

American Idol Season 10

American Idol is back, and doing a great job (so far) on its season 10.

Out of the original three judges, Randy Jackson remained to be the last one standing. He’s now joined by two interesting personalities in music and entertainment – One rock star legend, and one very beautiful and talented singer/actress. By the way, I love how the season premiere episode started. It’s all cool.

So here’s what I think of AI’s season premiere: Without Simon Cowell, definitely it’s a different kind of judges’ table – sarcasm and blatant comments, most probably, will not be seen much this season. However, Steve Tyler is there, and he surprised me like hell. It would definitely a different kind of season this time.

It didn’t even cross my mind that Steven Tyler will be this good. When the news broke out that Steven Tyler will be a part of AI’s set of judges, I haven’t felt any excitement at all. But when I watched the season premiere last night, I swear I was laughing my head off with his funny antics and his classic rock star attitude. I am really looking forward for more of this as the show continues.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez remains beautiful than ever. She stays to be the sweet and gentle person during the Idol auditions. Her presence reminded me of Paula Abdul’s judging attitude – having a hard time in saying “no” to the contestants, giving advises, highlighting other positive things of the participants whenever the participant’s voice sucks (LOL), and is not into harsh comments. Though her judging style is not really “unique,” J.Lo will always be a J.Lo from the Bronx who is definitely a talented and gorgeous woman. After all, her achievements are not a joke and she knows a lot in the world of entertainment.

Randy, my dawg, remains to be the same Randy. It’s good he decided to stay in the show. He is the expert on the judging and finding a real talent. He is the perfect man to do that for AI. After all, he is known as one of the top music/talent producer. Let’s keep it coming, dawg!

There. I think what Idol needs now to complete and pull-off a successful season is to find a very good set of talent. I guess that will be the deciding point of all the American Idol fans. Of course, who would watch a reality show with not-so-good participants? What’s the point, right? I really hope this season will turn out good. And so far, American Idol, you are doing a good job. Keep it up!


Five. Just five. Playlist.

When you are living in Manila, and you take the train everyday to get to office, school, or wherever you need to be, you must be experiencing semi-hell. My savior everyday: My playlist.

I feel that I need to thank my player in saving my everyday life with all the songs, so here I am, I am dedicating a post about my favorite music player and the top five songs I am into at the moment. Again, MP3 player, THANK YOU!

Come Home – One republic

I love this song whenever I am on transit after a day’s work. I guess I like it because the melody and the lyrics fit the moment. Or maybe it’s just me? Anyway, bottom line is I am also a OneRepublic fan, and this is one of my favorite songs.

The Man Who Can’t be Moved – The Script

I just simply love the lyrics of this song. I remember the first time I heard this song, I went: “Wow. That was, well… love.” I know it’s cheesy. But the feelings involved in the song were just properly and appropriately expressed. And not to mention, the song arrangement is a killer.

Hey Soul Sister – Train

Basically I like the band back when they still play songs like Drops of Jupiter. Now I even like the more, with this song. I admit that they are one of the few good bands who were able to survive “re-packaging” of songs, or whatever you want to call it. Let’s admit that their tune is far different from their older albums; their current album is more upbeat and fun than the previous ones. It’s definitely a feel good music.

Only Exception – Paramore

I am not really a big fan of Paramore, but I definitely don’t hate them. They are one of the few bands I sort of “passively like”, and not like, LIKE. It’s just I like them, but not really like big time – Just “cool like” (If you get what I mean, whatever). Okay enough of this. Anyway, this is my favorite song of Paramore so far. I love the words, thoughts and the music.

Marry You – Bruno Mars

Who doesn’t want Bruno Mars? Among all the songs I mentioned on this post, this song is my big time favorite. Basically because it’s new, it has a happy beat, and I really can’t stop myself singing, swaying my head, and tapping my feet whenever I am hearing this song (Yes, at times I look weird).

There you go – my favorite songs on my Music player. That’s it.

Wait! I apologize for the title of tis post. Obviously, I can’t find any interesting title. Sorry 🙂

Love of Siam

Photo Grabbed from IMdb

One film down from my Thai movies wish list! Yey!

I enjoyed watching The Love of Siam – Enjoyed in the sense that it never got me bored even for a single scene. Sounds very ordinary? Not until you find out that this movie runs for almost 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours.

Most comments I encountered while researching the plot of the film is about homosexuality. Actually, even the trailer got me that notion on what to expect with the film. And then, all changed after watching the movie. It’s not really all about homosexuality. The film is about love, different forms of it, the hope it provides, and how it affects one’s life.

Yes, it might sound so cheesy, but let’s just say I am ready to go on a bet to prove everyone that this movie can really touch your heart. If you would think about it, the situations shown on the film are quite normal – nothing special in other words. However, how these normal situations and stories of each character are sewn together translates to something phenomenal. Phenomenal in the sense that it will let you feel for the characters, and left you reflecting on your life.

As I am watching the film, I feel very helpless in stopping my tears to fall down (Yuck, I know). I just can’t help myself feeling the emotions, frustrations and the love given and lost by the characters. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. Proof? Well, I don’t really enjoy films that has subtitles, plus a film that is very long. I even have this philosophy that long movies don’t necessarily translate to a good film; it is how the story is executed. And, here I am, found myself glued to my laptop watching The Love of Siam.

Alright. For the record, I obviously loved the movie – I am even making it one of the best I have ever watched. It is definitely something worth the 3-hours of watching. But please don’t watch this film if you are looking for a feel-good movie, because plainly it is not. This movie is best to watch if you want to have an emo moment, or you just want to watch a good heart-warming film.

The BonChon Experience

What’s my favorite food to eat? Easy. Chicken.

I never and will  never get tired of eating chicken – Whether it’s fried, baked, roasted, boiled, with sauce, with soup. Since I love chicken very much, I took a 2-hour travel just to eat one of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life (I really wanted to taste the best, but good luck to me because it’s in Korea. I’m in the Philippines). Ladies and gentlemen, presenting The BonChon Chicken.

BonChon Chicken’s Korean Chicken comes in two flavors: hot and spicy, or their popular soy and garlic. Since I am not a spicy person (though I am hot. Hah!), I picked the soy and garlic flavor. The result: I shoved a lot of chicken parts in my mouth. Happy.

I simply love the flavor of their chicken. It’s really flavorful and you can definitely taste the soy and garlic in each bite. I think the flavor is glazed after frying the chicken, making the texture a little sticky but still crispy. Aside form the chicken thing, the staff are very friendly and accommodating. Good job!

I really recommend this resto to all chicken lovers, and I swear you will not be disappointed. BonChon Chicken is located at Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City. I am not sure if they have other branches here in Manila. If you know any branch aside from the one in Ayala Triangle, please share. Thanks!

Happy eating!

The new Spider-Man

Alright. So I promised to blog about the new Spider-Man on my Twitter, and I want to keep my promise… And of course, a simple thought about Andrew Garfield’s new character is always good, right?

Anyway, for those who haven’t seen the very first Spider-Man photo of Andrew Garfield, here it is.

For me, generally the costume looks good – waaay better from Toby Maguire’s era. Okay back to Garfield (not the costume). He actually looks great. I mean, his image can suit Peter Parker’s (aka Spider-Man) characteristics and personality. We did all see how he portrayed a guy working with the geeks in “The Social Network”, and I must say that it was good. He also has the good looks, and the endless screams of fan girls (yes, he has that after The Social Network).

I guess what would really make this re-make (or alternative story) of Spider-Man successful is its story. Sure it’s important to have the right casts and actors, etc. but I think the story will always be the deciding point specially for the hard core fans. Thinking that a Spider-Man movie was made not so long ago, will definitely urge the watchers to compare which version is better. This, in my opinion, is the greatest challenge for the new Spider-Man.

Definitely, I will watch this movie when it’s out in the theaters. I really hope all success to this project / production. In the end, we all want to have a good re-storytelling of Peter Parker’s adventure as Spider-Man.

Thai-movie wishlist

Alright. So I was lurking on different websites today and found some interesting Thai films I am dying to watch (hard thing: I don’t know where and how can I get a copy, with English subs of course). FYI: I am not Thai, I am a Filipino. But I have this belief that Thai movies are very good.

Anyway, so here’s a set of Thai-movie trailers which got my interest.

First up, Hello Stranger. Basically, the trailer tells the viewers about a story of two strangers who met on a foreign land (and a rom-com film). Judging from the trailer itself, looks like a fun movie to watch.

Next: Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Another fun movie to watch, though this is more of a teen-oriented love story. It’s a story of a not-so-beautiful girl getting the attention of a very good-looking, popular guy. As time flies, the girl went from being a not-so-beautiful to a beautiful girl. Just as the girl’s apprearance, people and situations also changed.

Next Picture: Love of Siam. This is the serious movie on my list. Just watch it. Looks like the storyline is good – the main reason why I get so interested to watch it.

One last: Yes or No. Let’s just say, it’s a typical story of a rom-com. Only that, it involves two girls (well at least the other one is referred to as a tom-girl). This kind of film is not really being created here in the Philippines – reason which made me so into it. A fun, new/fresh (for a Filipino like me), and a gender-sensitive film it is!

There you go. I will try to look for more trailers on the web and share it with you, guys. Now, if you know any link or portal I can visit to watch these, please let me know. That’s it! Tusch. Salamat!

Monster Ball (really)

I’ve been busy the past few days, and so I was able to finish this post just today. It’s been a while since I last did this, so… Again, it’s a Monster Post! Yey!

Actually, I am thinking of collating all my monster post for one category. So it’ll be easier for me and the viewers (if there is 🙂 ) to look and scan my monster doodles. Anyway, that aside… Let me introduce you to my new friend.

As usual, I don’t name my monsters. This monster though has one favorite hobby – basketball. This monster loves sports, and well… colorful things. This monster might not be born in the 80s, but the funk definitely shows on its style.

That’s all! hope you like my new monster friend.

‘Till next time folks! Happy day, everyone!