IOP’s First year

One year: The first blog is the deepest

Whooohooo! Happy one year old to my blog! I know, the artwork above is kinda lame. You know, it’s hard to work on this while my boss is just seating behind me.

This blog has been, and still, the longest blog I’ve ever had. Through thick and thin, it’s been there for me (Wow! That’s deep. Haha!). Of course, like any other birthdays, in behalf of my blog I would like to thank those who have been a part of this blog’s first year – Those who took time to read some of my post (or those who just accidentally bumped into this blog. Haha!), those who left their piece of knowledge by leaving a comment, those who subscribed, and those who shared some of my posts. A BIG thank you to all! I hope you keep on reading my posts, and please feel free to leave a comment, reaction and/or suggestion.

I am loving the WordPress bloggers, you guys have parted a lot of wisdom and amazing things to me. And that’s the most important thing for me as a blogger. See you around and keep blogging! 🙂


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