Time to check (and buy) the time

Link watch, Electricity Edition

Finally, I got myself a new wrist watch! It’s not some kind of an expensive watch, but it’s hip and colorful. Actually, I am quite wondering if it is still okay for me to wear this colorful watch since I am not a student anymore. You know, the usual norm of looking professional.

Anyway, after thinking (for a very long time) if I should get a new watch for myself or not, I finally decided to get a watch. I bought a watch made by Link, Electricity edition. If I am not mistaken, this brand is from Thailand (designers), and Japan (timepiece technology). It’s making a debut here in th Philippines by making their products available at any Artwork and TeamManila outlets.

Note: Originally, I am actually thinking of getting myself a Kenneth Cole watch (the not-so-expensive design), but I can’t find that specific design anymore, and most of their watches have prices that are soaring high. So, I guess the Link watch was still a good buy for me. 🙂


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