And once there came The Script

Alright. I was listening with my favorite morning radio show “The Morning Rush” earlier today, and suddenly I was influenced or inspired from it of some sort… or whatever. So I feel like sharing my favorite song as of this moment (maybe because I can relate to it?), which is a little related to this morning’s topic: The top 10 song lyrics or lines that describes your current status.

I am enjoying the song “Nothing” by The Script. It’s like the song is made for everybody to relate. I can’t agree more when one of the DJs said that the song can really hit you in the gut once you hear it. The lines of this song are a killer! I swear. Specially now that I am currently going through something not fun.

Before I heard this song on the radio, I was already familiar with the band’s first single “For the First Time”, and I must say that is also an amazing song. The first time I heard it, I quickly grabbed my laptop and accessed the internet to download the whole album. The time I invested on downloading the whole thing was all worth it. The Script’s album (titled “Science and Faith”) is a masterpiece. I love every song from it – may it be a song I can relate to or not. All the songs on this album are made perfectly to be appreciated, enjoyed and adored. For me, I like listening to it best whenever I am in transit – like driving or riding a bus, etc. It sends out thoughts in me, and I love it. Alright, count the number of times I mentioned how I love  or like the album, obviously I am becoming a fan now.

That’s it for now. I hope you are also enjoying the same thing, or you might want to try enjoying the album. I am recommending this album to those who are into alternative, and pop-rock. You will crave listening to it. I swear.


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