A date with Nick and Norah

Yesterday was a very depressing day. I know that there are other more important things I need to think and do something about, but it’s simply hard not to think about it. So I decided to download and watch a movie instead. Now Playing: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Yeah, I know this movie has long been released (It’s actually released in 2008), but I just watched it yesterday – Wow, I am so updated. Honestly, I have my reason why I did not bother watching this movie before. It is because I thought it was just an ordinary teeny-bopper flick. Well, yes, somehow it is teeny-bopper, but not to a bad level. It actually belongs to a good teeny-bopper category I rarely see (as far as I am concerned). I think it’s more of a RomCom, but with younger casts.

I find the movie a nice and enjoyable one. I was amazed by the idea of how a single night can change someone’s life or feelings (may that be to a better or worse situation). This only proves that nobody can know what might possibly happen next in our lives. The movie was so spontaneous – It’s all the whirlwind of scenes from a break-up, moving-on, to a newly-found love.

Since I also love music (Alternative and Pop Rock to be specific), no doubt that I appreciated this flick. The music connected the whole cast – the friends, the band, and the new love. I realized that music might really mean a lot to each and everyone of us. Music can influence, can comfort, can heal, can connect people, and God knows what else it could do. And yes, I know these things really sound so cheesy but true.

You might want to try watching this movie if you are into music, bands, or you have been from a break-up. This movie can perfectly make you laugh, and maybe make you fell in love (again). There, I am over and out.



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