PEZ be with you

My favorite candy, PEZ.

So I’ve been craving for my long-lost-favorite-candy namely PEZ. Now that I am looking for a store which sells PEZ candies, I cannot find one here in the Philippines; If there is one here in Manila, it is located on the farthest side of the city (Based on Google search). Gahhd!

Then I thought about posting my concern on Facebook, thinking if someone can give me information where to buy PEZ conveniently. Fortunately, one of my friends suggested a place where I could find the candy, and it is a mall! Yey! Hopefully my friend is right, and my excitement will not be spoiled. Now I am crossing my fingers, and hoping for my PEZ hunt. I am planning to go there anyday this week after work, or this coming weekend.

I would really want to experience the taste of that candy again. And not to mention, its countless designs of dispensers (OMG, I am almost salivating as I am typing this entry). I want to try eating the candy while watching my favorite gameshow “The Crystal Maze” n YouTube — Now that’s another story.

I just want to go back the time when you feel like you are the happiest person in the world. Back also when I don’t mind much of life problems; Back when my only problem is what to say to my mom everytime I go home with wounded knees, elbow, etc.

I so did enjoyed my childhood, and I so want to go back to that stage.



  1. I think I am weird since I hated the taste and look of Pez, but I LOVED the dispensers. I started collecting them as a child but they broke so easily =( Thanks for your nostalgic post =)

  2. Hi all of you Pez heads, my name is Joe Patella and I am an internet domain broker(.com names). I have a domain that I think you may be interested. Its called It would be an amazing way to have people view your collection. The reason why I am contacting you and not a candy company is because this domain cant be sold to someone that is going to profit from it. It must be sold to a collector. I have been tracking down all of the most serious Pez Collectors out there to give them a chance to bid on it. The current highest bid I have received so far is $1,200.00. I would like to try and get $2,000.00 but I will settle for what I can get. I am not a greedy person. I have had to pay maintenance fees on this domain for many years and I just feel it is time to give it to someone who truly loves Pez. If this is of interest to you please feel free to contact me Thank you for your time and best wishes. Sincerely, Joe Patella

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