Month: December 2010

Let’s spend a Happy Christmas!

It’s Christmas time once again, and I and hoping that all of you guys are enjoying your holidays.

My family always spends Christmas in a very simple way. We make sure that we are all together eating our meals, the decors and the Christmas tree is up, give gifts, and go to church to thank for another Christmas together.

Most Filipinos say that Christmas here in the Philippines is extraordinary. With that, please allow me to take this opportunity to greet everybody a Happy Christmas. My greetings specially goes to those Filipinos who are currently abroad and away from their families. You all may be away from your real family, but I am sure you have your friends there (wherever you are) whom you can celebrate and spend Christmas with.

Keep yourself warm this Christmas. Shake up the happiness.

Darren Criss in Manila

Alright, I know I am late in posting this. Darren Criss (Blaine from Glee) visited Manila! Whooo!

I almost forgot dropping by his last mall show here in the Philippines. Good thing, I was just in-time to see a glimpse of this very cool and handsome lad. Here’s a link of the video I took from his Wednesday’s show.

He was very cool in being a Filipino, and I am happy that he’s proud of it.

Anyway, I think that’s it for now. Just professing how I am a fan of Darren Criss.

IOP’s First year

One year: The first blog is the deepest

Whooohooo! Happy one year old to my blog! I know, the artwork above is kinda lame. You know, it’s hard to work on this while my boss is just seating behind me.

This blog has been, and still, the longest blog I’ve ever had. Through thick and thin, it’s been there for me (Wow! That’s deep. Haha!). Of course, like any other birthdays, in behalf of my blog I would like to thank those who have been a part of this blog’s first year – Those who took time to read some of my post (or those who just accidentally bumped into this blog. Haha!), those who left their piece of knowledge by leaving a comment, those who subscribed, and those who shared some of my posts. A BIG thank you to all! I hope you keep on reading my posts, and please feel free to leave a comment, reaction and/or suggestion.

I am loving the WordPress bloggers, you guys have parted a lot of wisdom and amazing things to me. And that’s the most important thing for me as a blogger. See you around and keep blogging! 🙂

Proud of Philippine Azkals

My eyes are glued, and my feet are cringing few seconds before Gonzales (from Indonesia) made a successful goal during the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup held yesterday, December 19. Gahd! That was close for the Philippines.

Being a Filipino, everything shattered into pieces when Gonzales made a goal a few minutes before the first half expired. At that moment, I felt like I was a soccer fan for a very long time, and thinking that the goal did not happen (Nooo!). Then I relaxed a bit, and thought that even I am for Philippine Azkals, I must admit that Gonzales is a very, very good player – maybe the best I’ve seen in this ASEAN tournament. It’s just so bad for the Filipino fans, that he’s there on the field fighting against the Philippine team. Dang!

On the other hand, I am very proud of the Philippines Azkals. They were so tough and patient in playing the entire game, specially given the fact that they played on an arena dominated by their opponent’s fans – and we are talking about around 8,000 fans making all sorts of annoying noises.

Maybe, the Philippine Team really need more experience and learn better strategy for them to get the tournament crown. After all, Philippines is known to be a basketball-oriented country and football is not a widely-played sport here. Of course, I am not expert on this, and this is just an opinion. Whatever it is, I am very happy that our team reached the semis.

Speaking of opinions, some people (Filipino or not; or sports commentators or not) say that a referee in-charged during the game committed a lot of bad calls, and favoring Indonesia. Well, again, I am no expert on this game but maybe they are true. I am saying that it might be true because I have watched the past games of this tournament and some calls are “called differently” for the same kind of situation. Of course, two or three “improper calls” might not be a game clincher, but let’s face the fact that somehow, it destroys the morale and momentum of the affected party.

Anyway, whatever the reason of last night’s game result, it’s bound to be that way. And I am very proud with how the Philippine Azkals played the entire tournament.

From the bottom of my heart (nhaks!), thank you for playing the game with your whole heart.

Time to check (and buy) the time

Link watch, Electricity Edition

Finally, I got myself a new wrist watch! It’s not some kind of an expensive watch, but it’s hip and colorful. Actually, I am quite wondering if it is still okay for me to wear this colorful watch since I am not a student anymore. You know, the usual norm of looking professional.

Anyway, after thinking (for a very long time) if I should get a new watch for myself or not, I finally decided to get a watch. I bought a watch made by Link, Electricity edition. If I am not mistaken, this brand is from Thailand (designers), and Japan (timepiece technology). It’s making a debut here in th Philippines by making their products available at any Artwork and TeamManila outlets.

Note: Originally, I am actually thinking of getting myself a Kenneth Cole watch (the not-so-expensive design), but I can’t find that specific design anymore, and most of their watches have prices that are soaring high. So, I guess the Link watch was still a good buy for me. 🙂

The newly designed Philippine Peso bills

Last night was a lame night for me. No hang-outs, just going-straight-home. I guess I am quite convinced that going home late will not give me a more comfortable travel back home  – every night is a disaster during Christmas season.

Since I came home early, I was able to catch the evening news. I was surprised that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) launched new designs of Philippine Peso bills. What surprised me more is that they will circulate the 20-Peso bill the next day (which is today).

Here’s how the bills will look like. These are the newly designed 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 Philippine Peso bills.

New bills featuring younger photos of Philippine heroes and historical icons

I am not sure if I am the only who has this feeling that there is a bill somewhere else which looks like (or has the same theme) the newly designed bill. I am not saying this is a rip-off or anything, I just feel there is, or maybe most bills around the world are getting the “modern look” already that’s why all bills from different countries look the same.

Generally, it looks nice. At least the bills are getting a fresher look. I hope this will also serve as a start for a better governance that every Filipino is longing for.

And once there came The Script

Alright. I was listening with my favorite morning radio show “The Morning Rush” earlier today, and suddenly I was influenced or inspired from it of some sort… or whatever. So I feel like sharing my favorite song as of this moment (maybe because I can relate to it?), which is a little related to this morning’s topic: The top 10 song lyrics or lines that describes your current status.

I am enjoying the song “Nothing” by The Script. It’s like the song is made for everybody to relate. I can’t agree more when one of the DJs said that the song can really hit you in the gut once you hear it. The lines of this song are a killer! I swear. Specially now that I am currently going through something not fun.

Before I heard this song on the radio, I was already familiar with the band’s first single “For the First Time”, and I must say that is also an amazing song. The first time I heard it, I quickly grabbed my laptop and accessed the internet to download the whole album. The time I invested on downloading the whole thing was all worth it. The Script’s album (titled “Science and Faith”) is a masterpiece. I love every song from it – may it be a song I can relate to or not. All the songs on this album are made perfectly to be appreciated, enjoyed and adored. For me, I like listening to it best whenever I am in transit – like driving or riding a bus, etc. It sends out thoughts in me, and I love it. Alright, count the number of times I mentioned how I love  or like the album, obviously I am becoming a fan now.

That’s it for now. I hope you are also enjoying the same thing, or you might want to try enjoying the album. I am recommending this album to those who are into alternative, and pop-rock. You will crave listening to it. I swear.

A date with Nick and Norah

Yesterday was a very depressing day. I know that there are other more important things I need to think and do something about, but it’s simply hard not to think about it. So I decided to download and watch a movie instead. Now Playing: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Yeah, I know this movie has long been released (It’s actually released in 2008), but I just watched it yesterday – Wow, I am so updated. Honestly, I have my reason why I did not bother watching this movie before. It is because I thought it was just an ordinary teeny-bopper flick. Well, yes, somehow it is teeny-bopper, but not to a bad level. It actually belongs to a good teeny-bopper category I rarely see (as far as I am concerned). I think it’s more of a RomCom, but with younger casts.

I find the movie a nice and enjoyable one. I was amazed by the idea of how a single night can change someone’s life or feelings (may that be to a better or worse situation). This only proves that nobody can know what might possibly happen next in our lives. The movie was so spontaneous – It’s all the whirlwind of scenes from a break-up, moving-on, to a newly-found love.

Since I also love music (Alternative and Pop Rock to be specific), no doubt that I appreciated this flick. The music connected the whole cast – the friends, the band, and the new love. I realized that music might really mean a lot to each and everyone of us. Music can influence, can comfort, can heal, can connect people, and God knows what else it could do. And yes, I know these things really sound so cheesy but true.

You might want to try watching this movie if you are into music, bands, or you have been from a break-up. This movie can perfectly make you laugh, and maybe make you fell in love (again). There, I am over and out.


One thousand hits milestone!

The sweet one thousand three hits!

Finally! After almost a year of blogging, I finally reached the thousand hits milestone. Yeaa, I know that this is not really big for everyone – It’s just big for me… And you know, the feelings and excitement of a new (one year) blogger here.

Thanks for all those who visited my page! 🙂

Pot-Pot Potipot Island

Potipot Island

Last week, we had our company Christmas outing. Yes, you read it right. Our company does the going-to-the-beach-thing every December, and not during March or April. Though it’s definitely too late for summer, we always make a way to enjoy the year with a trip to a beach. This time, our destination is Potipot Island in the province of Zambales, Philippines.

I must say that this is the most challenging outing I’ve been through so far. Why? Because I traveled going there alone due to a conflict on my schedule. The trip is long but easy; All I did was to ride a bus going to the town of Sta. Cruz, Zambales, and asked the driver to drop me off at Trinidad Resort (We did not stayed there, we stayed at the nearby resort Alta Nina which is a lot cheaper).

Upon arriving at the resort, I did not saw any trace of white sand. In fact, the sand is brownish, almost black. However, not far from the island we are staying is a beautiful island called Potipot. You ask how far from the resort that island is? It’s only a 10-minute boat ride.

The island is small but marvelous. It’s all nature and the water is very calm and clear. We haven’t even noticed how many times we said “Ang ganda-ganda!” (It’s so beautiful!) by the time we reached the island. We took some photos, shared some stories under the trees, played games and strolled around the island. We were able to go around the island in less than an hour, maybe even less than 30 minutes.

We spend an entire day in Potipot Island. The afternoon came, and we did not notice the time. The next thing we know, our boat ride is already approaching our way to fetch us. Dang! Fine, it’s time to go back to the “mainland” and continue the fun there.

Overall, the experience was fun and worthwhile. During that time, I felt that this moment was such a great time to enjoy and distract myself from a lot of things bothering me at the moment. Hopefully, the fun never stops here this Christmas season. I am still waiting to have my Christmas gift from Santa. He knows about it, and I wish he will be generous enough to make me have it.

Let’s all enjoy the Christmas!