Xmas Wishlist: Nat Geo Live Curious Shirt

Nat Geo statement shirts were launched as part of National Geographic’s Live Curious campaign a month ago. The campaign aims to promote the spirit of curiosity and inspires people to question what they know, how they view the world, and what drives them forward. This campaign is made possible with the partnership of Regatta clothing.

Aside from being a Nat Geo fan, I am loving their strategy on this campaign. Looks very effective to me – I have a lot of friends who wanted to have these shirts, and indeed they were inspired by the shirts’ statements on how to explore the world, and know more about our beloved mother earth. Nice one, National Geographic!

Among all the Nat Geo statement shirts released, here’s my favorite one.

Nat Geo's Live curious shirt. Credits on Ms. Daphne Osena's Blog http://daphneosena.livejournal.com/tag/contest

I am making this shirt as one of my wishlist this Christmas. Hopefully, I get this one!

Before anything else, and bid bye-bye, credits of photo from Ms. Daphne Osena’s journal (http://daphneosena.livejournal.com).


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