Month: November 2010

Xmas Wishlist: Nat Geo Live Curious Shirt

Nat Geo statement shirts were launched as part of National Geographic’s Live Curious campaign a month ago. The campaign aims to promote the spirit of curiosity and inspires people to question what they know, how they view the world, and what drives them forward. This campaign is made possible with the partnership of Regatta clothing.

Aside from being a Nat Geo fan, I am loving their strategy on this campaign. Looks very effective to me – I have a lot of friends who wanted to have these shirts, and indeed they were inspired by the shirts’ statements on how to explore the world, and know more about our beloved mother earth. Nice one, National Geographic!

Among all the Nat Geo statement shirts released, here’s my favorite one.

Nat Geo's Live curious shirt. Credits on Ms. Daphne Osena's Blog

I am making this shirt as one of my wishlist this Christmas. Hopefully, I get this one!

Before anything else, and bid bye-bye, credits of photo from Ms. Daphne Osena’s journal (

Glee and something called representation

It’s been a while since I last made an entry here, and finally I am back. I did not actually go somewhere else; I just can’t find anything that gets me on a writing mode. And then I watched  Glee’s most recent episode. I admit that I am a fan, but sometimes not.

Glee may be the most liked, unliked, commented, debated, criticized, analyzed, hated, loved, and God knows what other things that goes with this show. Most of us talk about it – It’s definitely the buzz. Check Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and maybe also Friendster (Does it still even exist? We never know), and you will see that Glee is everywhere. That fact alone makes it one of the most popular things now. And maybe (just maybe) being popular might be a best way to put across a message from those people that are treated as unrepresented.

Then I thought that unrepresented is a vague and a relative word. One person can consider a thing unrepresented, but others might consider it as a contrary. Its definition boils down to each one’s experience, knowledge, familiarity, and connection. I don’t think it is logical for people to fight over what’s unrepresented and represented on our society; it makes no sense to me.

Unpretty, gay, lesbian, unloved, brainless, PWD, Asian, fat, etc – These are just some of the topics (or people) that Glee is trying to represent on their show. I know that there are times that the story is too lame to be an episode, because they represent something – It’s just like the producers made that episode just to survive a show. But who can possibly tell this: What if representation is something they prioritize? I mean, of course I am not that stupid to think that they are producers, and there they are not thinking if their show will make money or not. Who knows of their real motive, right? Maybe they really planned to start it right, get the trust of millions of people to watch their show, and then once established, the “real game” begin.

Let’s just make it simple. Glee invites people to think; it invites people to look around them and observe. At least the show invites something to happen – even on a smallest way. How about us, your best friend, your family, yourself? Have we asked if we invite something to happen to our society?


Nat Geo Photo Contest

Alright, so I joined this photo contest by National Geographic Channel Asia. At first I am kind of hesitant to join because obviously, there are other better photos than mine. And for more, the challenge is to have the highest “likes” in Facebook and here I am, joining half-way before the deadline of submission.

I am enjoying the competition, though. And not to mention, I am very thankful for those people who liked my works already. Now, if you also want to give me a helping hand here (Haha! Fine, this is some sort of advertisement), Just follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click here to like Nat Geo’s Facebook page (I swear a lot of good entries are up).

Step 2: Go to this two links and “like” them (of course if you like them also). 🙂 Here are the preview of my photos.

Click here to “like” my first photo.

Photo 1 of 2: Adelente Manila!

Click here to “like” my second photo.

Photo 2 of 2: City Streak

There you go! I hope you get to like my photos too. The last day to “like” will be on November 30, so please keep the “likes” coming. Please support me on my first time to join a photo contest. Yeah!

You can also repost or link this blog entry to your social networks if you feel like doing so. C’mon, For The Win guys! 🙂 Thank you in advance for those who will support me.